Cluttered Box


It’s been a hit and miss with My Clutter Box over the past couple of years – never really got into a theme and slowly evolved into literally thoughts I have that I posted randomly. My commitment has been fickle and I can hardly defend myself against it. To all my avid followers – my apologies – but for a change, I’m not making any promises that we both know I won’t intend to keep. 

In my last post I talked about loss and how being in an environment where I started losing hope helped me fight for hope more than ever. Without divulging too much into it (feel free to peruse my posts), I wrote about asking yourself what matters and how long it will matter for – which most things don’t. Part of that exercise is recalibrating your mind to think in a different way – and I’m probably the last person to be posting about it – but hey ho, it’s my blog and I can post here… 

Being a naturally negative person that happens to sport the b**** face – it’s hard to believe that I can be positive and sunshiny, but I’ve made a conscious effort in the past couple of months to exude this attitude. It started for this simple thought – focus on the good things. So I did, I looked at the pavement in my walk to the bus stop and looked for little flowers instead of looking at the potholes, I smiled at the man handing out TimeOut on Tuesday’s and took yet another copy and I didn’t make a fuss when the barista got my order wrong – it’s FIIIIIINE. If you’re a friends fan, I started to become Ross in that episode where he finds out about Rachel and Joey – I’m fine!

What this led to was extraordinary – my team at work became a lot more relaxed, they didn’t feel stressed because I wasn’t stressed. My friends felt like I was the go-to person for advice and giving perspective and I genuinely felt happy. Refocusing on how important worries/stresses are and putting things in a little bit of perspective really helped me become a better person – just when I thought I couldn’t grow up anymore, I did. So make of it what you will, that’s my 2 cents. 


Penny for your Thoughts...

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