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Pokemon GO from the Perspective of a 14 Year Old

PokemonGO, niantic labs’ latest app has been a hot topic ever since its’ release early last month. The main objective for the game is to venture out in the virtual wild and catch the pokemon, the game gradually becomes harder and more difficult for players to achieve high levels since to do so you’ll need to work a ton as well as do some other key elements within the game to obtain that high rank. The overall goal for every user is pretty clear… To Catch ‘Em All!

Unfortunately I was part of the fraction of people where born in the 2000’s, to be specific; 2001 – meaning although Pokèmon was available when I was a child – I never really got into it or the gist of it, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoy playing it. The game is known mainly for the nostalgic feeling you get when playing it, and so far I haven’t got that feeling -hardly a surprise right? 
Now that we’ve cleared up what Pokemon is and what PokemonGO is; let me tell you how everything has changed since the release of this monstrosity of a game. 

To start with I’ve seen people who never go outside… Go outside. Now, before the game released I did stay home most of the time battling virtual villains and saving the world as well as having the time of my life doing so but that’s no fun now is it? But this game gave me the opportunity to go out with my friends and enjoy the beauties of the sceneries around me as well as catch some Pokemon at the same time. 

Secondly I’ve been seeing a vast variation of people and ethnicities come together to catch these Pokemon! In the game itself there are 3 teams; Mystic, Valor and Instinct. Who am I representing you ask? Now I may get some hate for this but I prefer Mystic, not only because the colour of the team is blue but also because it’s the best option… I tried not to be biased, I swear. Anyway, people who are in the same team automatically become best of friends after realising so, and try their best to take down the other teams as well as a little bit of trash talking every here and there. 

Another way the game has changed the world is how it’s making everyone play a game while also making them healthier. Within the game are ‘Eggs’ – which can be 2KM, 5KM or the notorious 10KM Eggs. These eggs have Pokemon inside them, and the more you walk, the better/rarer the Pokemon. To hatch these eggs you need to walk, some people have found a easier way to hatch these eggs which is driving slowly in a car, but I do not recommend that since its both traffic inducing and cheating. Back to the point, people take advantage of these eggs and collect as many as they can and walk them off to see what the egg has to deliver, whether it is the toughest, mightiest or rarest Pokemon, or a egg of disappointment containing a puny, common pokemon – whatever it is the walking is always worth it.

In conclusion, the PokemonGO community is increasing every day at a rate that cannot even be described. And I don’t feel that this game will be dying out soon, I actually think there’s some big things coming to the game which would make it even bigger.

I’ll leave you with this thought – over 40 million downloads within the first week of release and over 9 Billion dollars in stocks – yup, 9 BILLION.

This article is written by Abdullah, who is my incredibly talented younger brother and a future award-winning journalist. 


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