Letter Box

Dear Kylie Jennner


It’s your 18th birthday and social media is having a field day – from the various selfies posted by your sisters and yourself, to all that papp footage. We all know it’s your special day, and who doesn’t like to celebrate in style – especially when they can!

I don’t know if everyone is feeling the way I do about you, but I had a few thoughts to share. 18 is a precious age, it’s the age where you start becoming the person you will be for the rest of your life. There’s college to look forward to, the first step into adulthood and then there’s the first take at the independent life.

But wait – you already did that. Now it’s not a bad thing to be living in your own home by the time you’re 18 – especially if it’s a $2.7 million mansion . For most, it’s not an option but you did it. You are making bold decisions at this very young age and maybe it’s time to take a step back and evaluate.

Yes, your parents are a bit strange, I would go crazy if my mom was obsessed with money and if my dad wanted to be a woman. You’ve held it together, and you are the baby of the family. Well done on pulling that off, and continue to hold your head high. However, your mother is keen on selling your image and not caring about what is becoming of you and your dad is more concerned about being a woman. This means that the people who pick you up when you fall, are already falling and they can’t be there to pick you up.


Which is why you need to do it for yourself. You’re a pretty girl, we have seen you through the years and it’s sad that you have had that amount of surgery on your face and body. You’re 18 – it really doesn’t get better than that – go do something amazing with your life that doesn’t involve your face or your body, but your brain.

You are yet to show your talent – what is it? It’s not modelling, that’s Kendall’s thing and she is making waves in the industry in her own right, not in the shadow of Kim. It’s not singing, or acting. What is it then? It can’t just be designing clothes – since everyone in your family does that, it isn’t all that special. Maybe you’re a great at writing? or have the ambition to be a lawyer? Or is it sports?

Even your 25 year old alleged boyfriend has a talent – rapping, through which he oh-so-eloquently describes being with you (doesn’t take a genius to figure that out). You’re surrounded by talented people, have all the opportunity in the world, and yet you want to be defined by a dirty rap song and the Kardashian label- when you aren’t even one.

So Kylie, on your 18th birthday, I challenge you. A challenge to find your talent and be defined not by plastic surgery or by Instagram, but to do something that will make us remember which Kardashian sister you are…

Happy Birthday!

And rant over.


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