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Social Personality Showdown

One of my favorite things about social media is that people have the opportunity to re-build their personalities. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to have a second chance at creating yourself. and a third. and a fourth. and a fifth.

Decades ago, the only way to rebuild and re-position yourself was something only kids could do without losing the credibility – when you go from middle school to high school. Or from high school to college, these are the mile stones in which you review how you think, what you wear and where you fit in the social landscape. Enter 21st century and we have the infinite opportunity at our feet in the shape of the ever-changing and ever-reliable social media websites.


If you’re feeling angry, or irritated – send anonymous tweets in the world and it all feels good. Feeling like nobody cares? Tweet about it still as ‘putting it out there’ has a whole lot more meaning than just keeping it inside you. The whole concept of reinventing yourself and the unique chance to be anonymous – now who wouldn’t love that?

While I fully don’t agree with this concept (ironic considering this started out as an anonymous blog), it is liberating to put your ideas and opinion out there without having to explain or be accountable for it. Just words, into the mass ocean of the internet, swirling into an infinite space of servers and clouds (whatever that’s meant to be).

Clearly I started this post out wrong, but the point I wanted to land is that while being anonymous is great to get yourself out  there without judgment and it gives freedom to ramble – a lot of people use social media to reinvent themselves in a way that their reality does not reflect, which is where the personality clash becomes confusing. The online persona is positive, loving family and succeeding at every possible level – there’s the humble brag check-ins, the cheesy sibling banter and love notes on timelines – but in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is when social media becomes misleading and downright confusing. The association between your friend Jane in person and Jane on Facebook is so different that you almost question if it’s the same person. Yes, reinvent yourself, blog anonymously about your colleagues and hate on Top Shop divas – but when you start living your life based on what’s the best place to check in for a sunny weekend and to look like you have a life, that’s when you know things have gone south. Where exactly is the line drawn – when does the social existence meet the reality – if at all?



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