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The 5 Stages of Blogging

Starting a blog can be challenging, especially if you’re like me and want to write about everything. Back in 2012 when I started this blog, I felt the huge burden of categorizing it in some way or another. Sometimes I would go all Fashion focused, then get drawn back because I read a great book, and then I’d use a great mascara and wanted to rave about that… until something happened in the world that pissed me off – which is when I resorted to ranting. If you have followed this blog, you would definitely see a range of stuff I write about, whether someone reads it or not, I want to put it out there… and I truly believe that that is exactly what art is about. Blogging is my way of getting my voice in the world, whether someone hears it or not. At least it’s there.

As a new blogger, there is certain pressure to put yourself in a bucket – whether it’s art, books, beauty, entertainment or fashion. There are so many categories out there and it’s pretty impossible to stick to one theme, which is why My Clutter Box is pretty erratic. I salute those bloggers who stick to their theme, as that is quite an accomplishment. Here’s what I learnt about finding your blog voice:tumblr_ltqsay95v11qb0zfoo1_250

Stage 1: Who am I? What am I doing here? Will anyone care what I say?

The answer here is go with what you know. If you feel like books are your thing, write about them, if you would be better off as a travel blogger, do that. The main idea is that you are in full control of your blog and if you are able to gain the attention of even 1 reader, that is enough. That’s one more person who knows what you write, and that’s better than none. If you still don’t know who you are, ask Hedwig.


Stage 2: People do care. There’s a Like, a Follow and 2 Comments to prove it.

One of the best moments for a blogger are when readers interact with their comment. It’s enough to get stats on visitors to the blog, but when someone actively makes the action of Liking or Commenting on your blog, you know you’ve gone viiiiral. Well, at least that’s the feeling. So build on this feeling and keep going – someone out there is rooting for more content for you.


Stage 3: Negative comments…

As bloggers, there will come a time when your readers are not in agreement with you. Instead of taking it personally, take it as a compliment. Someone took the time to read, think about, disagree and then tell you they disagree with your post – that means you are actually engaging people. Start a conversation, understand why they disagree and maybe you’ll learn something new.


Stage 4: When bloggers endorse your content

It’s absolutely fantastic when readers who blog surf engage with your content, but it’s a completely different type of win when other bloggers endorse you on their blog/social channels. Earning the respect of your fellow colleagues online is difficult, as you probably live in different countries, have never met and have nothing to get out of it. This is why when other bloggers endorse you, it is one of the greatest accomplishments.

b862c-workonmybloggifStage 5: Accepting your blogging style

It goes without saying that my blogging style is erratic, just like most thoughts in my head. I write about fashion, food, books, politics, social media and random London stuff… but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a trend there. Find your blogging voice and then you can write about anything. Once you do that, everything falls into place and you can get better at your art!


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