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What All The Cool Kids Are Drinking

A recent article by fellow blogger at The Seeker’s Dungeon got me thinking about Starbucks and the phenomenal craze that has spurred from this single brand. The main question from his post was: What is it About Starbucks Coffee? To which my reply is – it’s cool.

Starbucks is probably the epitome of the cool, being the Chanel of the coffee world – it’s classy, smooth and all the cool kids are drinking it!


Surprising? Not at all.

If you’re walking down the street and have a Starbucks in your hand, you have that look of someone cool – why? Well here’s the low down:

To begin with, we can look at the obvious culprit – the celebs who endorse and give tons of marketing for Starbucks coffee. It’s no secret how that works (it’s the same formula that made smoking cool)…

‘I love Jessica Alba, she is amazing – so fit and well-balance – oh, wait – she likes Starbucks. I love Starbucks – I’m so like Jessica. I’m drinking what she drinks – I’m so cool.’

In it’s essence, it might not be exactly like that – but celebrities doing everyday activities like going to the gym and walking their dog, and having a Starbucks in their hand – is pretty much free advertising for the brand (that is, if it indeed is free advertising and not product placement)

starbucksSo celebrities (as the unattainables) having Starbucks (the attainable) make this brand what it is. I mean, you don’t ever see Miley Cyrus carrying around a Pret cup do you?

And if a celebrity is carrying a Pret cup…

2013-08-23-tumblr_m695pquFMt1rqfhi2o1_500No offence to Pret – but seriously.



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