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“That’s Totes Rad”

“I was totes not expecting that, hashtag awkward, hastag weird – I’m totes gonna tweet that!”

ridic50 years ago, a sentence like that wouldn’t make sense.

None at all.

‘Tweet’ was a sound birds made, ‘Facebook’ were two separate words “face” and “book” and ‘apps’ were not even a thing. The technological progress of the last 50 years is unparalleled by any era of time – with the internet being the Pandora’s box that started it all. I mean, if you asked an 11 year old in today’s age to live without internet, they would have a hard time adjusting to normal things such as trees, sunlight and grass – and that’s just sad!

While for decades, older generations have used pens and papers, cassettes and VCRs and actual encyclopedias for information, we only only just about wait for a Google search to be complete in 0.42 seconds – eh! that annoying lag!

What does that say about our generation – it shows that we are incredibly fast at adapting to change, but we can’t function without a fast internet connection.

But is accessing life at just one click enough? 


There are two sides to this argument. Firstly, we are lucky in the sense that we witnessed it all. I remember the move from Windows 95 to 97, the development of Internet Explorer and the birth of Facebook. We have been hand in hand with technology since we ditched our walkmans and installed iTunes. It has been a long haul but internet has grown up with us.

The food for thought here is – what is next? Are our kids going to understand our attachment to iPods when they listen to music on the chip installed in their brain at birth? Will we just be tweeting, Facebooking and whatsapping each other while sitting at the same table – wait…WE ALREADY DO THAT!

Like, could you just Shut Up

Despite this, I am all for improvement and progression, even though I really wish some things would just stop changing (I’m looking at you Facebook Timeline, sometimes I just miss calling it the Facebook Wall!) The thing that bothers me the most about the constant change is the change in how people speak – I mean, do we have to abbreviate every single word.

The real culprit here is Twitter. And we all know why: 140 characters to butcher the art of conversation (now there’s a fancy title for a book). While Facebook was allowing people to stalk your friend’s sister’s aunt’s daughter, Twitter became the playground of “Words that Don’t Exist”.

Enter Totes Awks Momes (Totally Awkward Moments)

Yeah – people actually tweet that. Looking at both sides of the language massacre, Twitter trains people to get to the point in the least amount of words, which is great. I mean, nowadays, I feel like my attention span has been decreased to a tweet and I sometimes find myself searching for the hashtag in a conversation… #guilty.

Can’t make a judgement on whether this is good or bad, but I totes understand why peeps are talking this way cuz it’s just so rad.

And fetch will truly never happen.



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