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Movies That Were Surprisingly Good

Never judge a book by it’s cover – it’s one of the most common phrases you hear – and yet, I did exactly that. During the past few months, I haven’t really had the chance to read much, but I have seen quite a few films which have surprised me – and that too in a good way! There are so many genres out there for films that we tend to categorize the movies that come out – ET? That’s got to be Sci-Fi, Sound of Music? That’s definitely a musical, Harry Potter? Adventure/Kids… at the end of the day, these may be the genres, but these films are so much more than that.

And this is exactly the reason why I have picked up a few of the movies which I had previously categorized as ‘not my type’ because of the genre they belonged to, and watched them to see what all the hype is about. To say the least, my reaction was like this:


Here are some which surprised me and changed my perspective on genres:


Star Trek

What I thought it would be about: Those creepy aliens fighting over planets – often confusing this film with Star Wars and thinking that Darth Vader is part of this series.

What it’s really about: It’s the adventure of Captain Kirk and his crew, on their awesome ship called the Enterprise. There is so much more to this film than aliens and fighting – it’s about comradery, humanity and just clever sci-fi – definitely recommend this to anyone who likes films that are action packed, have a sense of humor and deliver what they promise – a good plot.


Planet of the Apes

What I thought it would be about: Apes taking over the planet

What it’s really about: How this dude is trying to save his dad from Alzheimers disease creates a virus to control it – and eventually ends up starting a league of extraordinarily clever apes… who take over the world.


Star Wars

What I thought it would be about: A bunch of aliens fighting over who gets to rule the galaxies.

What it’s really about: Star Wars was probably the most surprising film of them all – as it is essentially a love story. This was a completely unexpected revelation for me, and I found the whole Anakin becoming Darth Vader story a lot more interesting than Luke Skywalkers.


The Matrix

What I thought it would be about: A random film about fighting with super cool moves as some of the characters may have superpowers.

What it’s really about: Matrix is probably one of the most clever films of it’s time – the whole idea of it is baffling and the execution is impeccable. I don’t want to give away too much about this film, but it is definitely a must watch as it explores ideas that are way ahead of it’s time – and that closely replicate history of humans.


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