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24 Reasons Why My Moms Is The Best

In honor of Mothers Day, I feel it’s only fitting that I do a post on one of the most amazing mother’s in the world – mine. I know, everyone feels like they have the best mum, and I truly have been blessed. Here’s 24 reasons (although in reality there are a million more) that make her the best ever:

1. She always has the best advice

listen to your heart and not the voices in your head

2. Even when I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel

Im just losing faith in humanity

3. All it takes is a hug from her to make it all better

happy hug

4. Because even though I’m an adult now, she’s the one who makes me feel safe

Mom can you pick me up im scared

5. She always spots my fake friends in a blink of an eyeyou dooooo

6. And then make sure that they don’t hurt me in any way

not my daughter you bitch

7. When my friends think that I’m too close to my mum, my reaction is always the same


8. Because she’s the only one who is always just a phone call away – no matter the time zone!

She's always a phone call away

9. And she listens to whatever is bothering me because it’s important to her

My mum thinks Im awesome9. Whenever I need a true opinion on how I look, she’s always there to be my #1 fan

you mighty pretty precious

10. But if I have one too many desserts, she’s the first one to tel me the reality…

you're gonna get fat

 11. She gives the best advice when it comes to clothes

outfit - is this me

12. But if I’m not getting it, she isn’t one to be hold back her opinion

Bad Outfit

 13. And the opinion and advice doesn’t stop at clothes…

when you like a boy

14. Even when she isn’t there, I know she finds out everything

my mum is gonna kill me

 15. And she always knows when I’m hiding something

dont look me in the eye and lie to me

16. At the end of the day, no one knows me better than her and no one knows better than her because

mother knows best

17. When she comes back from the supermarket, she always brings me a surprise

what did you bring me

18. And she’s there when I need a bit of support… financial or otherwise

I need money

19. She can fix me when I’m ill – no matter how unusual my demands…

sing soft kitty

20. She understands when I feel like I can’t function

I dont wanna talk because it makes me feel sad

 21. And she tells me as it is…

Honey, Pull Your Shit Together

22. And even my real ugly cry won’t work on her for sympathy

ugly cry

23. Because she pushes me to be great and won’t let me accept any less from life

I wont allow it 24. Because I know that she’s always the one I can count on for the best advice…

I have all the answers

 Happy Mothers Day Mum! I truly appreciate all your support and everything you do for me.


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