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17 B*tch Face Problems

Some people have smiley faces, some have approachable faces and then there are those people who have an un-smiley face. I fall into the last group of people, because the natural expression of my face is, as I have been told, unimpressed. It’s not that I am angry, stressed or sad, I just don’t randomly smile – and I am sure that there are people out there who can relate to this.

Here are 17 problems only people with a b*tch face would have:

1. Those people on the street who tell you to “cheer up, luv”

b3969750-965e-0131-ec3a-1e702b831ffa2. Or keep asking if everything is OK. YES – I’M FINE!


3. Some people think that you’re plotting their accidental murder, when all you’re thinking about is when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will get married


4.  Other people start believing that you don’t like them. Honestly, if that was the problem, I think it would be quite obvious:


5. It’s almost scary how much you can control with your face #empowered


6. The moment when people tell you to smile and you don’t particularly want to but you awkwardly do…


7. Or try to hug you to make things better. (Note: Nothing annoys a b*tch face person more than people thinking they need a hug to cheer up)


8. The thing is, if I were actually sad – I end up like this


9. Which ultimately scares people more than my b*tch face because it’s way too much emotion


10. People telling you that the first impression they had of you was awful, just because you looked angry


11. And when they finally learn that this is your actual face, they totally get that while you may be feeling like this inside:


12. Your face will always look like this:

tumblr_inline_mvnuxcTSv31s16h0713. Therefore, the pressure to smile when meeting new people is often unbearable

justsmile14. And when you make a joke,new people are shocked to know that you’re actually normal and not unapproachable


15. But when you actually want to be mean, you find it hard to convey a b*tch-er face


16. Ultimately, b*tch face is a status that not everyone has and you can’t help it



17. So while there are many problems of having a b*tch face, people just need to deal with it

robinSparklesbitchOn a parting note, I’m not angry, sad or stressed – this is just what my face looks like #whatcanyoudonothing



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