The 2 Bus Drivers You’d Encounter in London


Ah – the London transport system – it’s certainly full of surprises. From the awkward moments to the random bloody situations, it never fails to entertain and scare me. One thing that I have realized is that every transport has it’s own charm. At first, I was all for the underground – it fast, convenient and regular – which is pretty much everything you need in public transport, but then there are the drawbacks – no wifi or signal. Now that I have been in London for a little over than 7 months, I am finally warming up to the bus system – after all, it is the Year of the Bus. Getting a bus in London can be an intimidating process – there are so many stops, a gazillion different buses and so many routes to get to places. It’s not as straight forward as the tube, and there are always a lot of delays – but buses = phone signal + 3G – therefore buses win.

The only reason I am able to get a bus in London is thanks to this amazing app called City Mapper. If it wasn’t for this app, I would be stuck in the underground, missing the sunshine and sitting with the tube zombies. So, I recently started taking the bus everywhere and there is one thing I’ve clocked onto – there are 2 types of bus drivers:

1. The One Who Waits

This is the top guy – the bus driver who has some soul left in him even after being a bus driver in London. Don’t get me wrong, London is a lovely place but I can see why some people get to hate it – it kind of sucks the life out of you if you let it. The bus driver who waits is the best. I can’t count the number of times I have had to run across a road because I see my bus – but the best part is that this type of bus driver acknowledges you and waits! It’s truly a magical moment, despite the breathlessness and dizziness. Here’s to all the amazing bus driver who wait for us!


2. The One Who Hates

Now I understand that driving a bus all day can be grueling, especially when you have to wait for people to get on and get off – but that’s the job! Once, the bus driver saw me running, made eye contact with me and pressed the button to close the door – luckily I was quicker and the doors shut on my shoulders! So I made it in the bus, despite his determination to make me miss it. This kind of bus driver hates people, dogs, old people, buggy users and even children.  I have seen buses refuse to open the door at a bus stop, just because they closed them once – the only reason I can think of is that they hate what they do. Don’t do it then!


Rant about London over.



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