The Bankruptcy of Vogue

It is official – Vogue is going bankrupt! That could be the only explanation for the shocking, unfashionable and irrational decision to put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the COVER of the April issue of the magazine. It seems to me that only bankruptcy of the fashion bible could be the only reason for putting these two on the cover – as a futile attempt to appeal to the masses and make them feel connected with the high standards of Vogue.

Bad move.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Kardashians – but more in a ‘your-life-entertains-me’ kind of way, as opposed to ‘I-wish-I-could-be-you’ way. What brings the Kardashians fame? Is it their fashion label? Their failed attempts at relationship? The fact that they televise everything? Well – I guess it’s  a combination of all – but it’s hardly their high standards of fashion and style – which is the epitome of Vogue.

kimye cover

As the Holy Grail of fashion around the globe, Vogue has been at the epicenter of it all. From the statement issues like the Diana cover of British Vogue in 1997 and Vogue Italia all-black issue of 2008 to fashion focused issues including the 1990 supermodel edition and the eye-opening 2007 edition of American Vogue which was released in conjunction with a documentary by RJ Cutler’s documentary about the process behind the magazine’s production. All in all, it is safe to say that Vogue has been the core of everything associated with fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. What makes this magazine stand out from the rest? The high standards.

When a celebrity makes the cover of Vogue, it is probably the highlight of their career. You know you’ve made it big once you appear on the cover of this magazine, which is why Kimye’s appearance on the cover is even more bizarre. I guess they must’ve gone for plan B at the Vogue office this time. And this is what happens when an A-list magazine goes for Plan B:


Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tweet to boycott the latest edition

Senior Editor at Buzzfeed promises to keep to his word

Senior Editor at Buzzfeed promises to keep to his word

Fashion Blogger and Designer Liam took to Twitter as well.

Fashion Blogger and Designer Liam took to Twitter as well.

Interestingly enough, it is the very high standards of Vogue that have come into question now. Making Kim and Kanye the cover of the American April edition can have repercussions that even chief editor Anna Wintour didn’t foresee. Since the release of the cover some 24 hours ago, there have already been some backlash from celebs, bloggers and fashionistas worldwide. Did you think you could put a reality television star, with no apparent talent, on the cover of the world’s largest fashion institution and expect no negative response, Anna? Well – if it’s bankruptcy you’re experiencing, then this deicision makes sense – otherwise, I really don’t get it!i

According to Anna Wintour’s open letter, she believes that Kim has a “strength of character” which has lead her to be in the “glare of the world’s spotlight” and that it takes “real guts” to do that. What next, Anna? Are we going to be seeing the Duggar family on the next cover? Or are you going to be focusing on something even jucier like the octo-mum? If you’re running out of ideas, you may as well put the real life Barbie on the May cover and call it a day.


3 thoughts on “The Bankruptcy of Vogue

  1. oh my goodness, i so feel you! after seeing that cover, i’m so done with vogue. i don’t dislike the kardashians, but not a fan either. but when i saw the cover, i am not sure if what i’m seeing is people magazine or vogue. because that’s the most unfashionable release to date… smh.


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