5 Fashion Brands to Follow on Instagram

From high street to big labels – everyone wants a piece of Instagram. Why’s that? Well, Instagram is not only the new coolest kid on the block, but it’s also the Twitter of Facebook – if that makes any sense. You share pictures, put an effect on them and viola! you’re a professional photographer who can now be followed by millions! In case you don’t catch my drift, check out these awesome fashion brands who are cashing in (without actual advertising) on this platform:

1. Michael Kors


Showcasing the brands essence, the Michael Kors Instagram page is sale-sy in a sophisticated way. What I absolutely love about their page’s identity is that they are consistent in their message. Everything they post is luxury-inspired and product focused – showing the latest brand products in a beautiful photographs.

2. Burberry


While MK is focused on out-door shots of their handbags and jewelry, Burberry gives you the insight into the making of the brand. From catwalk shots to behind-the-scene footage, Burberry makes their brand relatable, shareable and likeable – something not all high-end brands focus on. Kudos to their original approach and brilliant stream!

3. Victoria’s Secret


The life you wish you had –  I think the Victoria’s Secret Instagram feed has this exact theme – inspiring, happy, bright and wistful. It’s a combination of the MK and Burberry approach and banking on the whole lingerie and swimwear aspect of the brand.

4. Bonobos


This one’s for the men out there – Bonobos! Apart from showcasing beautiful men, this page shows the man’s life – motorbikes, food and fashion tips. This page is for the well-kept man, one who pays attention to detail and enjoys investing in their look. Definitely one of my favorites, and well worth a follow!

5. Topshop


Basically the fashion Bible online, the Topshop Instagram provides you with the latest trends and some fun inspiration. As the only slightly affordable page in this list, you can imagine how happy it makes me when I find a post of something I own!

So before you castaway Instagram as a social network that requires too much effort, just go on it and give it a shot – if not to share your photo, then to check out the awesome brands on there!



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