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13 Things I Suddenly NEEDED In My 20’s


I read an interesting article on this blog recently which made me think how much I had changed since being 18. I think your early adulthood has 3 stages. The first is 18-22, which is going to university, living out and finally being financially responsible. The next stage, which I think I am in, is when you’re between 23-27. Ah – the time when you try to hang onto the last remains of being spontaneous and can use “being young” as an excuse for bad decisions. Well, before I reach the 3rd stage of being a young adult, which is probably between 27-30 ( The “WHY AM I STILL SINGLE?!” stage), I will list the things that I suddenly can’t live without in my 20’s – things I previously was doing just fine without until now:

1. A Cute Organizer – I went from store to store looking for The One. From Paperchase to WH Smith, it was difficult to find the perfect organizer that was the right color, size and feel – but once you do, you feel like everything is falling perfectly into place (even when it isn’t).

2. Travel Mug – Being a Londoner who works long hours and enjoys coffee, I just had to invest in a travel mug. Never needed one before, but it is just part of the look now.

3. Notice Period for Invites –  See #1, if it’s not in my organizer at least a week in advance, I am not attending.

4. Exercise – Remember when you were 18 and promised yourself that by the time you’re 22, everything will be toned? Well, you’re 23 and it hasn’t happened. Now I NEED to exercise for that future body.

5. Fruit Yogurt – I never thought I’d become one of those people who get excited by the 5 for £3 yoghurt offers at Tesco. Guilty.

6. Grown-up Earrings – It’s time to put away the hoops/triangles/squares and opt in for some sensible earrings. Pearl studs anyone?

7. Anti-Glare Glasses – I can feel my eyes sinking into my face, and most of it is because of the 9 hours in front of the computer screen. Hello anti-glare glasses, you are my savior!

8. Black Heels – In your 20’s, you want to invest in a good, sensible pair of black heels. I got mine from Zara, and they go with pretty much everything #CannotLiveWithoutThem

9. Scented Candles – Once you move out and start paying rent, you want the place you live in to be yours. Scented candles, squishy cushions, houseplants and random objects become a thing for you. Now you can go t o Zara Home and understand the need to purchase a candelabra.

10. Brands – This one might just be me, but I am obsessed with designer handbags, sunglasses etc – but not in a high-maintenance, stroppy kind of way, but in a I-can-afford-this kind of way. It’s nice. Don’t look at me like that. I work hard.

11. A 2-Sided Mirror – I finally gave in and bought one of those mirrors that magnify your pores and make you feel like Princess Fiona. But one must invest in one, especially if one means to keep eyebrows maintained. (which one should always do).

12. Face Products – From toner and cleanser to eye-cream and night moisturizer, your daily facial routine becomes like a relay race between products. I can’t imagine life without Bio Oil, night cream and toner. If you’d known me 3 years ago, I was all for sleeping with make-up on. I miss those days…

13. A Blog – And lastly, starting a blog. I wish I had thought of this years ago, when I had more time and better ideas for a blog. I started my blog in 2012, which is a bit delayed but I guess better late than never. Hope you enjoyed this read!

What are the random things you started wanting in your 20’s?


8 thoughts on “13 Things I Suddenly NEEDED In My 20’s

  1. I feel this is me when I was a teenager, minus the blog which I started at 21.
    Sigh. I still remember my pretty blue organiser that I carried everywhere…for a while. It didnt organise my life the way I thought it would lol


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