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You’re Just Not That Into Him


The awkward moment when you meet The One and there is zero attraction. Just because the guy ticks off all the points on your check list doesn’t mean that you can actually be with him. Look at Belle from Beauty and the Beast (my favorite Disney of all time), she has Gaston who is handsome, tall and can give her whatever she needs in life, but yet she chooses the beast over him. Sometimes you can find someone who looks perfect on paper, but there is just no spark. And here’s why.

Almost every girl has a list of personality traits, habits, looks, etc of what their ideal man should be like, but the funny thing is that even with this foolproof list, sometimes you will find someone who fits all the criteria and yet – you’re just not into him. Sound familiar? Well here are 5 ways you can tell that you’re settling for The One:

You make excuses to avoid seeing him

Busy Monday till Sunday night? Can’t make the 20 minute date you promised to 3 weeks ago? Well, you’re just an avoider who won’t accept that you’re just not into him. Cut him loose – or more like cut yourself loose!

You cringe when he does nice things for you

He brought your flowers, again – how unthoughtful and selfish of him. How dare he do nice things for you that you can’t reciprocate for!

You get annoyed by the smallest things he does

So he grazes the fork with his teeth when eating pasta and likes to talk pretentiously about his expensive taste – and you can’t stand it. It’s even more annoying because he ticks all the boxes on your checklist, all except the new ones you just added about his bad habits.

You haven’t introduced him to your friends

If he is The One, you would’ve introduced him to your friends 3 months ago. Yet instead you are secretly dating him because your friends will know the second they see you together about how you really feel about him.

You feel like scheduling him into your diary is just so much effort

When you meet the one, you will want to see him all the time. You won’t avoid communication, and you certainly will make time for him in your schedule – daily if you can.

Relationships – that’s one of the things that I have so far overlooked and purposely bypassed on my blog. Being notoriously single, there isn’t much advice or insight that I can give on this – but at the same time, I have plenty to talk about on the subject. Many a friend have poured their hearts out to me regarding their quest to find The One, but I think that there isn’t just one The One out there, there are many. And if he really is the one, you’ll be prepared to overlook and compromise.

Maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do… but what do I know. I wouldn’t believe a word I said  – #notoriouslysingle



4 thoughts on “You’re Just Not That Into Him

  1. And then there’s marriage and what happens when that spark fades? Ahhh, the temporary allure of sparks. Great post– thought provoking, even if you’re not single!


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