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6 Important Lessons from Mean Girls

Despite the fact that Lindsey Lohan is in this film, Mean Girls is probably one of my all-time-favorite teen films. Why? No, I am not a mean girl and don’t support the whole popularity concept of high school –  it’s just an entertaining film that actually has a point. What point you may ask – well here are 6 important lessons you can pick up from this film:


Everyone has insecurities – even the prettiest, most popular girls!


Be proud of your strengths – whether it’s maths or tap dancing, don’t be afraid to shine


Don’t dumb down for a guy, even if he is hot – if he is intimidated by your intelligence, he really isn’t worth it


Never believe rumors – people will tell you what they want you to believe, it’s up to you to know better


Fetch will never be a thing – no matter how many year pass by, Fetch will not become a thing – but everyone does know of it!


If you look it, then you are it – there is no acting when it comes to being one…


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