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Dear Blondie Bennett


I found out about you 2 days ago, and it’s taken a lot of effort on my part to delay writing this letter to you. Had I written this earlier, it might not have read the way it does now. Surely, you can understand why I delayed writing to you. When I read about you and your mission in life, I was shocked. Yes, shocked. It just never occurred to me that people like you exist in this world. Sure, there are the Kardashians who waste money, those teen pop icons who have more money than they can count and Lady Gaga’s stylist who clearly needs a career change – but then there is you. Unemployed, 38 year old woman whose life ambition is to become an object that is fictional. I mean, it really doesn’t get more shocking than that.

People who know me don’t see me as a judgmental person.  I accept people for what they are and respect their choices, but even with that mindset, I just can’t get over your choice. According to the Metro on Friday, Sugardaddys are actively supporting your “goal” in life by funding surgeries and your lifestyle… in return for pictures. Yeah – that sounds just about right.

Blondie. I feel that you have fallen off track, and even though I don’t know you, I feel it is my duty as a fellow human being to point out the obvious:

1. You don’t need hypnotherapy to become brainless, I think bad life choices may just define your existence. I have read your quotes and it seems that the hypnotherapy has done enough for you already…

2. You are way to old to keep pursuing this dream. I think your cut off was 25, now you should ditch the $46, 000 breast implants and throw in the towel – it’s never too late!

3. You don’t need to look like Barbie to be pretty – that is a stereotype. I’m sure you can find someone who will accept you for who you are, not who you are desperately trying to be.

4. You are the reason parents, as well as the inventors of Barbie, will boycott this toy forever!

This was my futile attempt to get through to you, and I hope that you take 10 minutes (normal people would need 2), to reconsider your dream of becoming Barbie. I mean, having a dream is amazing, something to aspire to and eventually achieving it – it’s completely the best feeling in life. However, I think you just have to think this through again.

I hope you find this letter informative, and if you have difficulty understanding my points, I could send over an illustration next time.

Kindest Regards,



2 thoughts on “Dear Blondie Bennett

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  2. Blondie,

    For my dimes worth, you can be whoever you want, just please do it for yourself. Dumb, humn, I doubt it.

    Plastic surgery, go for it, but, refer above. I’m a very grateful recipient of more Saline than most. I have a vision of myself, I have a great surgeon, and like you gal, I’m not wasting time.

    R xox


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