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The Era of Facebook Celebrities

“I didn’t even tell her about the party last night, but she had the nerve to come up to me and ask me where I got my dress from – I mean, she wasn’t even at the party! Stalker alert!”

Ever had this experience before – one where you don’t particularly share an experience with someone but they come and ask you about it? Whether it’s a holiday you went on, or that you sister just had a baby, people you don’t expect know your business before you have the opportunity to personally deliver the information. Yes, it can be annoying – but should we really be throwing out terms like “stalker” around so nonchalantly?


In a world where every meal is instagrammed and every thought is tweeted, this is not a surprise – but then what is with all the accusatory statements towards each other. Can someone really become your stalker if you are offering them all the information on  the golden platter known as social media? Well, this certainly reminds me of another similar scenario…

This involves celebrities and fame. All celebrities are in the search of fame and stardom, a recognition for their work which they feel is quite well deserved. The issues actually begin when celebrities achieve the stardom and don’t actually know how to deal with it. That’s when the complaints start about the paparazzi, the lack of personal life and the continuous scrutiny of their love lives… well, thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, everyone is a celebrity and everyone else is the paparazzi.

The era of social media celebrities is fueled by themselves – it’s a mutualistic relationship, and it only gets worse by the sheer volume of social networks available. This is probably the one and most important distinction between actual celebrities and social celebrities – i.e. social media celebrities have the power to control whether or not they want to be known. If you don’t want to be questioned about your holiday in Barbados, don’t check in on Facebook, don’t tweet about the weather and just don’t Instagram any pictures on the beach. No one will know you went there and no one will ask you about it.


But is that really what people want these days?

Fact of the matter is, we live in a narcissistic, self-obsessed society where everyone wants everyone else to know their business, but just in the silent stalker way – not in the manner where they questions, comment and share your experiences. Yes – I know this is a massive over-generalisation, but lets just go with it for this once…

Here’s the annoying thing that really gets to me: So you share your pictures on Instagram, Tweet 10 times a day and then update your Facebook – but the second someone asks how your baby is – you’re like stalker alert. It’s really annoying when people don’t want to be asked or talk about their social media updates – if you’re ashamed of them, just don’t do it!

So my advice to all Social Media Celebrities – either give it or give up – you just can’t have it all!



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