January Blues

Almost everyone I know is suffering from an acute case of January Blues and it is time to get over this and relish 2014! There is little or no money in your bank account, the diet has gone out the window and you are already hating work. I don’t really blame you for becoming grouchy, unfriendly and unapproachable  – but let’s not indulge the monster within and get out of the blues quick!

As always, I have a mini-bucket list for this month – and I’m here to share:

1. Visit as many free museums as possible – I recently visited the National Gallery, which was pretty amazing. No time like the present to get cultural.

2. Buy the 5-pack fruit bags – This means you not only get a great deal, but you have the chance to eat at least one piece of fruit a day!

3. Walk more – Here’s a chance to save some money on travel. I know it is freezing outside, but wrap up as much as you can and brace yourself for a brisk walk.

4. Boycott shopping centers – This is actually really hard since there are oh-so-many good sales on at the moment, it actually feels sinful not to buy that top that has 75% off.

5. Stay in – How about a few nights in with a good book and bad television? Yes – this is one way you can ensure you don’t overspend!

If you still don’t feel uplifted from my quick tips, here is an awesome picture of Trafalgar Square that I took yesterday:



Ah! Isn’t it so glorious! Magical things happen here 🙂


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