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Unlikely Advice from Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses are known for their unfortunate circumstances, their struggle, their beauty and their ultimate quest to find true love. Here are 3 unlikely lessons from Disney Princesses:

Cinderella – Old is Gold


She so badly wanted to go to the ball in that beautiful dress sown by mice and birds. If only you could train your pets to do that – if only! How many people actually had a heart break when the step sister rip apart her dress? I certainly was gutted, and couldn’t believe how weak the stitches were (but then again, mice and birds did sow it). Despite the issues around the dress – we can all agree, she looked stunning and it was just a simple dress that belonged to her mother, which was revamped for the Royal Ball. If Cindy was ready to do it, then so should you.  Never underestimate the power of vintage!

Jasmine – Less is More


Now who would have thought that the Arab princess shows the most skin?! Disney sure had their own version of the Arab world and I can’t deny the fact that Jasmine is probably one of the most celebrated princesses of all time. They got everything spot on – the beautiful eyes, the long luscious hair and the dreamy walk. Jasmine is a lesson in seduction, and her fashion pretty much is based on the statement ‘less is more’. From the midriff fashion to the peek-a-boo dresses, showing a bit of bare skin always gives your outfit the X-factor.

Mulan – Don’t Forget your Game Face

mulan cut hairThis scene literally makes me flinch every time. Despite the fact that this is a cartoon, this scene carries a lot of intense emotions which I was oblivious to as a 12 year old. The sacrifice Mulan makes in an instant is huge and, unlike other Disney Princesses, Mulan takes her destiny in her hands and makes the bold decision to change it to her liking. It is probably one of the fiercest scenes in terms of Disney movies, and it portrays a huge message – don’t be indifferent to circumstances, get up and make it happen for yourself.

As a Disney fan, I think that watching these films all over gives me a different perspective as an adult. When I was a kid, I didn’t make much of it and just wanted the Princess to find the Prince to be happy – little did I know that there were all these little clues on being an adult right in front of me!



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