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6 Movies that Made Your Childhood Awesome

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this, but films these days aren’t as great as they used to be. There really aren’t many clean, unadulterated movies that kids can watch these days – there is always one element that spoils the film and makes it, in one way or another, perverted. My childhood was awesome, because I got to grow up in the innocent, technology-free era of commendable cinema.

Here are 6 movies that were made for kids, but are timeless:

Mary Poppinsmarrypoppins

A spoon full of sugar does indeed makes the medicine go down. As one of my all-time favorite films, Mary Poppins never fails to uplift my mood and make the world seem a better place. All hail Julie Andrews!



As a 90’s kid, if you didn’t try moving a pencil with the power of your brain, then your childhood could not have been complete. Matilda is the epitome of good things happen to good people – and it makes you believe that it does get better in the end. As a book-geek, you can only imagine how hard I tried the above dance only to end up looking like an idiot.

Back to the Future

This isn’t exactly a 90’s kid film, but my parents made sure we didn’t miss out on this gem from the 80’s. Which kid hasn’t day dreamed about a time capsule? or ever wondered what exactly your parents were like as kids? Well this Spielberg epic combines the 2 and gives one of the best movies ever.

Wizard of Oz


Believing in magic, witches and extraordinary places is part of everyone’s childhood, and this film is just a glimpse at how far imagination can take you. Despite the unrealistic looking lion and blatant fail of a tin-man, this movie does not fail to entertain – one of my favorites as an adult as well!

Sound of Music


Ah the famous Von Trapp family – how could they be missed on the list of awesome childhood films. From adolescence and first loves to acceptance and new beginnings, this movie is definitely one of a kind – and features amazing music.

Home Alone

homealonegifEvery single 90’s kid has dreamed of it, but only this kid has lived it. The Home Alone series not only entertain, make your laugh and give you epic ideas, but they also became the medium of showcasing some epic imagination. From being all alone at home, to being all alone in New York – the films got better every time and gave us a chance to see what it’s like to be without parents!

I hope you enjoyed my list of awesome childhood films – which one’s would you add on?


7 thoughts on “6 Movies that Made Your Childhood Awesome

  1. I would remove Home Alone which I have never watched (or wanted to!), I would also remove The Wizard of Oz which used to freak me out WAY too much. I also used to get bored part way through the Sound Of Music – and Mary Poppins too!

    I’d add Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Goonies, Ghostbusters, It’s A Wonderful Life.

    I also think there are some brilliant kid’s films over the ;last few years – especially the amazing animated ones!


    • It’s a shame that you haven’t watched Home Alone, I remember when they came out and how much fun it was watching them. Agree with your favorites, they are definitely worth watching! There are awesome kid’s films out in the past few years, but now they are more part of my adulthood rather than childhood.


  2. To me, you don’t know about awesome childhood till you’ve seen Sound of Music, Matilda, Home Alone and Mary Poppins. I can watch these films billion times and still feel the excitement I did when I saw them for the first time. I agree with you totally..films these days are rarely made with a view that they would stick longer for generations as a classic must-watch. (:


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