17 Awkward Moments on the London Underground


When I first moved to London, I was looking forward to travelling on public transport. I know – as weird as it is, I was actually excited about using the Tube on a daily basis, and boy have I been in for a treat. Here’s a quick look at 17 awkward moments that any Londoner can relate to, and those outside of this awesome city can laugh at:

1. You walk into the train, and someone standing directly in front of you is wearing the exact same coat/bag/shoes as you. Polite smile or blank stare – your call.

2. The awkward sly glance as you read the newspaper/magazine the person next to you is reading… and then you never get to finish the story!

3. When you are checking out your hair in the glass opposite you, and the person opposite you catches your eye. Blank stare it is…

4. Running into the tube with your friends, being the only one who makes it in while your friends laugh and wave at you from the platform. All eyes on you.

5. When you want to eat your banana in peace, yet every passenger is staring.

6. Your Oyster Card says SEEK ASSISTANCE

7. The person sitting next to you keeps blowing their nose and you feel their germs on you, so you flinch every time.

8. And when you have a cold, and you want to cough with every breath you take, but every cough results in begrudging looks from other passengers like you’re a leper.

9. When someone’s head gets hit by the closing doors

10. The person sitting next to you is asleep, and their head falls on your shoulder… what. do. you. do?

11. When you change your pair of shoes, and people stare at everything you take out of your bag

12.  The moment when a woman is putting on make-up, and her mascara goes everywhere… and you try not to laugh… but there is so much you can hold in

13. When the person next to you is playing an intense game (racing, temple run etc) and you can’t help but flinch

14. The moment when you do that funny semi-fall as the tube halts at your stop. People should just look away.

15. When the entire train is empty, and one person walks in and sits right next to you.

16. When the person next to you won’t stop reading your texts.

17. And finally – when people don’t mind the gap and have a semi-fall episode at the platform. 

Bonus: The awkward moment when you don’t know what direction this train is going in…



8 thoughts on “17 Awkward Moments on the London Underground

  1. Haha I could definitely relate to quite a few of these. Though in India, we have underground metros, these moments are definitely relatable. Especially, the one where the person next to you JUST won’t stop looking at your texts. Makes me so angry at times LOL. 😀


  2. lol. you’re absolutely right – can relate to all of the above especially the blank stares. Never ceases to amaze me how 16m people can move across London every morning without ever making eye contact let alone engaging in conversation (I wrote about this and other elements of the weird science of Tube travel last year – ) That said, having lived in parts of England without the underground (or indeed any public transport), I’m far more forgiving of the tube and all its faults these days! Great read. Cheers Lindsey


    • London is pretty amazing, and the fact that we go on without even considering the person next to us, is amazing in itself! Thanks for your comment, will definitely check out your blog 🙂


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