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7 New Year Resolutions That You Can Keep in 2014


Whenever January rolls around every year, I ambitiously create a list of things I will do in the following year. Embarrassingly, or rather not-at-all shockingly enough, I don’t stick to my list – I am right there into February, still haven’t joined the gym, eating take out 3 times a week with only Marie Claire on my reading list and one blog post for the year. Well, this year I am determined for a change. The reason it’s going to be different is because, thankfully, I am not shooting sky-high from the start, not setting myself up for failure, but rather taking a healthier approach to the concept of resolutions and looking at the bigger picture – not just myself.

My 7 Golden Resolutions for 2014 are:

1. Adopt an Animal 

I recently read an article that out of the 9 species of tigers, only 6 are still in existence, and within the next 15 years – the entire species will go extinct given the current population of tigers. When I was younger, I never imagine that a species of animals such as tigers would be endangered – but that is the fact now. According to the World Wild Life Federation, the population of tigers is less than 3,200 and, believe it or not, your kids and their children will see these beautiful cats as we see the mammoths – unrealistic and long gone. Now I am not asking you to support tigers, but I think you can surely find an animal you feel passionate about and want to see survive!

2. Read 6 books

Setting a goal of 1 book a month is unrealistic for someone who works a full-time demanding job. Personally, I find it quite challenging to sit down and concentrate on a book since I have started working, and it really is a shame since I am a literature graduate. This year I am aiming for 6 books – halving last year’s goal and hoping to succeed!

3. Post a Letter

With emails, sms, whatsapp and Facebook around, letters have pretty much become extinct as well. They are as important now as telephone booths – but lets not let go of the beauty of writing a letter so easily. Posting a letter is such a small gesture, but it speaks volumes – so why not make it a thing to do in 2014.

4. Watch Less Reality TV

Now I am not saying we shun the Kardashians completely, but there is a limit to how much “reality” of these people we can take. Whether your addiction is rich, young wannabe celebs in Hollywood, or dance/music reality shows looking to promote the next sob story – it is time to put a stop to how much of you watch them. It is time to step out of the house (even if it’s raining and cold) and make your reality worth living.

5. Drink more water

So this is one of the resolutions that you should definitely keep whether or not you stick to the rest. I aim for 8-10 glasses this year – are you with me on this one?

6. Speak up 

Whether you’re at school/university or working, take a stand this year and speak up for something. If you see bullying or racism, or that someone is being treated unfairly, don’t just let it happen. Stand up for someone or a cause, and make a change. Don’t be a silent observer, everyone has the chance to make a difference, so let’s not give up that power so easily just because you want to avoid a fuss.

7. Smile More

As a person who is continuously told to smile more, I am making a conscious decision to do exactly that this year. I have a naturally serious face, but that often makes people think that I am angry or stressed – even if I am having a party inside my head. It can’t be helped, but I am definitely up for some awkward no-reason smiling this year!

Overall, make 2014 a year where you don’t blame others, take charge and make things happen – don’t give up! Happy New Year 🙂



8 thoughts on “7 New Year Resolutions That You Can Keep in 2014

  1. Oh I think think these are great goals. Very doable and will help you feel like you’re closer to living the life you aspire to. Instead of a list, I chose a theme this year: Fear Not, no matter what is in front of me, I want to face life more boldly.


    • That’s a really inspiring way to start the year off Julie! I am hoping that I keep to my resolutions, since they really aren’t as challenging as they used to be – nothing too dramatic this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Aha.. these are amazing ones. Since I’m a fast reader and usually finish almost 8-10 books per month (I deserve a pat LOL), I’m aiming to complete atleast 60 books this year- whatever genre/language they belong to. And the part about posting letter, ahh I miss it loads. When I used to be 10, I used to post letters to my sister who lived in another city. It was so fun. I wish to do the same now. I hope you have an amazing year ahead. Sending you warm hugs and kisses. xx 🙂


    • Wow – 60 books! That’s amazing – I hope you are successful in your challenge, and if you’re looking for suggestions – do let me know 🙂 Happy New Year and hope to see (virtually lol) more of you this year! xx


  3. Happy New Year to you first of all & i think you made a pretty good list with resolutions that are totally “doible” 😀 I’m going to start with the last point – smile more! 🙂


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