3 Winter Essentials for 2013

It’s that awesome time of the year when you can’t feel your face because it’s just that cold. Whether you love it or hate it, Winter is officially on it’s way (unless you’re Down Under, or somewhere similar), and it’s time to revamp last year’s wardrobe with this year’s essentials. Am I suggesting a shopping marathon? Why, yes I am!

Here are the 3 things you should invest in this Winter to stay ahead of the game and away from the cold:

Skinny Jeans


Kristen Stewert is not my usual inspiration for fashion, but she really got the skinny jeans look down to the T. Slow clap for her fashion effort here, and again for pulling that face for 4 years straight.

Leather Jacket


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Jessica Alba is the Queen of Leather and no one does it better than her. You deserve to buy a new leather jacket every winter, so why should this year be any different? Go ahead and do it!

Ankle Boots


Her acting career may have started and ended with Transformers, but this model sure knows her fashion. Ankle boots are the answer to your prayers if you want winter shoes that go with both dresses and trousers!

Pair the skinny jeans with a leather jacket and some knockout ankle boots – and you have accomplished the winter 2013 look. What are your favorite trends from this season?


One thought on “3 Winter Essentials for 2013

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