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What New Girl Taught Me About Growing Up


I am finally on the New Girl hype, slowly understanding why people like this show so much. I am always a bit apprehensive of watching comedy shows since no show has ever beaten Friends for me. Having said that, New Girl is one of the few new shows that takes funny to a new level with it’s frank yet ‘out-there’ approach.

Here are somethings things that I learnt from this show:

newgirl11. No one has it together all the time, sometimes there are mixed emotions and other times there are none at all

newgirl22. It’s okay not to have figured out everything by your late twenties

newgirl33. ‘Sleeping’ is a legitimate way to spend time, and can be classified as a hobby

newgirl54. There is never a happy ending, there are highs and lows which is what makes us keep going

newgirl65. And you should never ever lose that little bit of crazy you had in you. Like ever.







8 thoughts on “What New Girl Taught Me About Growing Up

  1. I’ve been hooked to New Girl ever since it aired for the first time. I agree that it can never be half as good as Friends (that’s epic, right?), but somehow I still warmed up to the concept of a twenty-something teacher sharing a loft with 3 guys and their daily dose of fun-filled drama. Perhaps the best thing I like about New Girl is its positivity despite featuring a crisis or complication. Although I have to say, I can’t get enough of Nick and Jess. Those two are so cute together. I’m still rooting for Cece and Schmidt though hehe. Loved your post. Fun and heartwarming as usual! ^_^


    • There never will be another show like Friends, but it is nice to watch shows like New Girl become popular. Nick and Jess are great together – let’s see how they mess this one up!


  2. I totally could have written this, except I didn’t think of it. I LOVED Friends and like you was hesitant to watch another updated series, but it was on Netflix and I got into it and really like it now. I think the humor is great in it and it pokes fun at some truths too, without getting too moralizing.


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