5 Things I Love about London


It’s been 2 months since I moved to the city of my dreams – London – and there are so many things that make this place what it is. Although I have visited it so many times, the element of surprise is ever present. Here are the best things about London that make me fall in love with this city over and over again:

#1 The Underground Music

While taking the London Underground is not everyone’s cup of tea, I personally love it. Yes, everyone minds their own business, you seldom make eye contact and there is a certain indifference to people standing uncomfortably close to you – but what’s not to love about that?! One of my favorite things about taking the Tube is going down the escalator and hearing live music. There are some amazing musicians who brighten up my day on a regular basis, which is what makes London so epically awesome.

#2 The Mix of People

On any given day, you are likely to meet at least 10 different nationalities while walking through London. The diverse mix of people make this city what it is – a microcosm of the world. The best thing about that? You can make friends from places you have never been to or ever heard of (yes, even that is possible).


#3 The Hustle & Bustle

London is truly not the place to be for the faint-hearted. I know people who flinch at the thought of travelling in public transport, who would not enjoy the fast pace or have issues with street food – but that is what this place is. You can go from afternoon tea at the Hilton to shopping for eccentric clothes in Camden Town because there are so many things to do in this city. Yes, it is fast paced, everyone is in a rush but why not? There is too much to do and so little time to do it – Welcome to London!

#4 The City at Night

One of my absolute favorite things about London is the city at night. You start your walk at Hyde Park to go Oxford street, through Carnaby Street into Soho, past Piccadilly Circus and into Leicester Square and China Town to end up in Trafalgar Square. From there you can walk down to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben to enjoy the night view of the London Eye by River Thames. On the way, you are likely to encounter 3-4 street acts, various places to eat and the breathtaking view of the London Eye at night – it’s magical.

#5 The Endless Opportunities

Whether you feel like going to a concert or catching a show, there is never a night in London where it isn’t possible. You can even watch a musical and then go to a concert because that is how much happens here. Don’t have the money to splurge on tickets? Simply go to Covent Garden or Shoreditch to immerse into the heartbeat of the city – there is never a night here that you will be bored.



5 thoughts on “5 Things I Love about London

    • I’m glad you feel the same way. A lot of people don’t appreciate the beauty of this city because they’re too wrapped up in the ‘rush’. It’s nice to step back and enjoy it.


  1. I enjoy your blog… you make me miss London so much! I lived there for a year doing my masters and I still feel “homesick” for it.

    Cheers mate!


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