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50 Shades of Grey’s Anatomy

With the anticipation of season 9 of the hit ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy causing a storm worldwide, it is no surprise that the premiere of this season had to start with a bang. Having been a fan of the show since season one, I can confidently say that this show remains as one of the top ‘must-watch’ list for all-round dramas.


Here I’ve compiled a list of the 50 moments of Grey’s Anatomy that make it the king of all dramas:

  1. The scene is set for the interns (S1, E1)
  2. The moment when Addison Shepherd  completes the love triangle (S1, E9)
  3. The other Grey is admitted to the hospital (S2, E3)
  4. George and Alex perform a surgery in the elevator (S2, E5)
  5. Meredith’s “Pick me, Choose me, Love me” speech (S2, E5)
  6. Code black episode with bomb (S2, E16-17)
  7. Mark Sloan arrives in Seattle Grace (S2, E18)
  8. Izzie steals a heart for Denny (S2, E25)
  9. Prom episode of Grey’s Anatomy – too many dramas in the hospital (S2, E27)
  10. Izzy’s emotional breakdown after Denny dies (S3, E1)
  11. Callie and George get married (S3, E14)
  12. Meredith’s falls into the water (S3, E15)
  13. Meredith’s near death experience drowning at an accident scene (S3, E16-17)
  14. Cristina and Burke’s wedding episode (S3, E25)
  15. Burke is gone (S4, E1)
  16. Little Grey arrives at Seattle Grace (S4, E2)
  17. Dr. Hunt appears for the first time (S5, E1)
  18. Izzie starts seeing Denny (S5, E7)
  19. Mark has feelings for Lexie (S5, 9-10)
  20. Arizona Robbins is introduced (S5, E11)
  21. Izzie realizes that she is sick (S5, E13)
  22. Addison arrives with her brother – worms in brain episode (S5, 15)
  23. Izzie is admitted as a patient (S5, E18)
  24. Derek proposes to Meredith in elevator (S5, E19)
  25. Izzie plans Meredith and Derek’s wedding (S5, E20)
  26. Izzie and Alex’s wedding (S5, E21)
  27. George is 007 and Izzie flatlines (S5, E24)
  28. George dies (S6, E1)
  29. Seattle Grace and Mercy West merger (S6, E2)
  30. Izzie disappears (S6, E5)
  31. Derek draws tumor on wall for Meredith (S6, E7)
  32. Demi Lovato has a guest appearance! (S6, E22)
  33. Meredith finds out she is pregnant, Shooter enters the hospital (S6, E23)
  34. Probably the most intense and the best episode of Grey’s Anatomy (S6, E24)
  35. All doctors face post-trauma (S7, E1)
  36. Cristina finally operates (S7, E11)
  37. Musical Episode as Callie and Arizona have an accident (S7, E18)
  38. Meredith messes with the clinical trial (S7, E19)
  39. Meredith and Derek end up on the rocks – again! (S7, E22)
  40. Sink hole episode (S8, E1)
  41. Softball episode in which Lexie hits Sloan’s girlfriend (S8, E7)
  42. Accident in the ambulance where Alex and Meredith are stranded (S8, E9)
  43. Henry dies and Cristina assists Teddy (S8, E10)
  44. Lion breaks lose in the city (S8, E18)
  45. Intense oral boards exams for all residents in San Francisco (S8, E21-22)
  46. Plane crash episode that is an intense and emotional 2 part season finale of season 8 Grey’s Anatomy (S8, E23-24)
  47. Season premiere shows the aftermath of the plane crash (S9, E1)
  48. Cristina comes back to Seattle Grace Mercy West, and so does Arizona (S9, E6)
  49. Jackson takes charge of the hospital, with all main doctors being on the board (S9, E16)
  50. Bailey’s breakdown (S9, E21)


  1. Superstorm preparations: Jo is abused by boyfriend, Bailey operates, Matthew proposes, Jackson almost dies, Meredith goes in labor, Arizona cheats on Callie and Webber is no where to be found. 

This is just a cut-down list of a few of the best episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, there is no way to fit them all. This show has crossed boundaries in drama, playing on the emotions of viewers worldwide. With season 10 being the final run of the glamorous medical drama, I am sure that it will bring viewers the best of the best with every single episode!


5 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey’s Anatomy

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  2. My faves are definitely season 5,6,8 and 9 finale. I miss George, Izzie and Slexie! 😦 Butas much as I love watching Alex being happy again, I don’t like Jo at all. I can’t believe Arizona cheated on Callie again after all that she’d done for her. Why does it always have to go back to that leg. Calizona used be one of my fave couples, now I just hate Robbins for that! 😐 And Mcbaby is so cute haha.. 😀
    Hey do you know Derek will be leaving the show after S10? Read this article. It just left me shocked. I’d hate Shonda if she kills Derek brutally too! 😦


  3. I love this show and the creator Shonda Rhimes is a genuis at telling a story. Private Practice and Scandal are great stories too– with moments of drama, end-of-show cliffhangers, love, romance, hot characters. She knows what she’s doing!


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