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The Definition Of Success


I’m currently in the middle of a country/job move. It’s a huge step in my life, one that has been the subject of scrutiny and careful deliberation. Once I made the decision to ‘go for it’, there has been no looking back. Being in this situation has been me think about a lot of things – especially about how I feel towards my career and life. Many people consider their life to be latched onto their career, while others believe it is their family or friends that equates to their happiness. It got me thinking – what am I really after and how do I achieve it?

The answer was quite simple: I am after success. I wish to be great, not just good, at something and want to get there – and once I achieve that, there are bigger and better goals to set. When someone asked me why I had chosen to change jobs and move county, my answer was simple: to be successful. Now, this immediately makes people think: “naive career minded girl who thinks she will have it all with a job in the big city” – the truth is, success had become synonymous with ‘career’, which is both a good and bad thing.

For me, success is the sheer, pure and real joy of being happy. When you wake up and want to go to work. When you get home and want to make dinner. When you have a bounce in your step. When you have that glint in your eye. When you smile randomly. When you want to achieve more. When you feel invincible.

It may be naive – yes, I can see why people think that – but what’s wrong with being naive yet happy? To me, ‘success’ really and truly means being utterly happy and content. I know, I said the C word. Content doesn’t mean ‘settle’ for less, and it doesn’t mean you don’t try to have more, it just means being happy in the moment. And why shouldn’t we be?

So I’m making a big change in my life to chase my happiness. Not that I am sad little naive girl, but I certainly am ‘girl who wants more’. Success is knowing that you are where you imagined yourself at. I am not there yet, but I am definitely on my way there!

What does success mean to you? Is it different to your happiness or are they linked? Share your thoughts with me 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Definition Of Success

  1. I use the term happiness. My goal is to be happy and make others happy. Even the most menial task can bring you happiness if you let it. It’s all about perspective, which is why half the battle exists only in your mind, not your physical surroundings. To me, success implies an end, but life isn’t like that so I just strive for happiness (I know it’s all semantics). Good luck on your journey.


  2. I’m in a similar situation with an international move and new job. I think success for me is just being happy, enjoying what I do and being able to spend time on myself and with family. That’s all I can ask for. 🙂


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