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5 Things I Wish I Did for My Blog

I often find myself making the choice between writing for my blog, spending time with family/friends or relaxing – yes I know, it is a choice that shouldn’t have to be made but unfortunately, I can’t have my cake and eat it too. In the perfect world, there would be plenty of time to have it all, not in this one. Here we are faced with choices, and sadly, my blog takes the hit for my hectic schedule. And I do feel bad for it, I promise myself to make time on the weekend – which I do, and then the whole cycle repeats itself over the week.


Here are the 5 things I wish I did for my precious blog:

#1 Post Everyday

I admire all those bloggers out there who have the organization skills to post on their blog everyday. Whether this is through scheduling or not, it is an achievement in itself since you have the creativity and drive to make your blog the best it can possibly be. This is something I struggle to do because I cannot find the time to get ahead of myself – however, as my mid-year resolution goes – I will improve my time management and get there (slowly but surely!)

#2 Reply to Comments Immediately

I apologize to all those readers who comment on my blog and I take a week to reply to them. Comments are very dear to me, and that is why I wait to get on my laptop to reply rather than shoot replies from my iPhone. I appreciate every single one and understand the effort of my readers. Keep them coming people! 🙂

#3 Socialize on Facebook

There are so many amazing groups, pages and friends that I have discovered because of my blog, and it really is a shame that I don’t get to spend more time with these people. GIG (Girl Inspired Group) is one of my favorite bloggers community where each member is actively encouraged to participate and given recognition. This, as well as many other groups, make blogging so much easier for us and I would highly recommend joining groups if you already haven’t. Sometimes I am just a silent obersver, but when I do get a chance, I make a point to visit posts and connect with other bloggers.

#4 Revamp the Design

I was especially proud of the Facebook cover and tabs revamp I did for my blog a couple of months ago, and I am itching to make another one soon. The ideas are there, just need to find the time to make them come to life. There are so many tutorials out there to help design your blog better, and if you need any tips – here is how I did mine.

#5 Tweet More Often

Twitter is probably the easiest way to keep in touch with my blogger community and I often overlook it. One thing that I wish I did more on Twitter is engage with other people – whether through Twitter chat or by tweeting bloggers. The support from others is immense, so it is only a matter of making the effort (another thing on my mid-year resolution list). If you are a busy blogger who wants to socialize with others on a time-budget, then Twitter is your man.

Are there some things that you wish you did for your blog? Or am I the only one with blog-neglect-guilt?


26 thoughts on “5 Things I Wish I Did for My Blog

  1. Trust me.. I can completely relate with you. During my 3 months holiday, I made it a point to post everyday and make up for all the lost time due my exams etc. But now that I’m joining college, posting everyday is next to impossible. I miss that because I know my blog will go downhill again LOL. And also socializing on FB and Twitter. They’ve become so robotic and I have no clue how to make the community natural hehe.. 😀


  2. Dear god I empathise completely. I wish I could post on at least a weekly basis but life gets in the way and my more blog goes unattended AGAIN! And it’s a never ending circle, when I pressure myself into it, I have nothing to write about or say. It’s just all about perseverance!! Bit thanks for posting this and making me feel less like an outcasted blog-abuser 🙂


    • I completely understand how you feel. It is a never ending cycle and we have to remember that our readers expect good posts, not useless ones. I hate it when I actually do have the time and I can’t think of a post to do! That is really frustrating…


  3. My sister and I post everyday but we have each other. Sometimes I am overflowing with blog ideas…and there are days I am blogstipated and need help. We vow not to feel guilty about our blog…we feel that way about everything else!
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I actually don’t like daily posts– I rarely have enough time to read daily posts on a blog. I feel like I’ve had to let go of a lot in the last month and my online visibility has taken a hit. This too shall pass. Life just goes that way sometimes.


    • I agree with you Julie – I think gaining perspective and knowing that nothing is permanent helps moving on faster. This month you may have less hits on your blog, but that doesn’t stop you from achieving better next month.


  5. Never feel bad my dear, although it’s very understandable because I, too, have felt the same way before. But, I realize that there are just more important things in life that take precedence. I used to be so hard on myself and would feel very disappointed that I’ve messed up my blogging pattern, but overtime, I’ve learned to turn things around and make this an opportunity to plan it all out. You are doing a great job and I’m glad that you are enjoying being part of the GiG community. Very happy to hear that.
    Blogging is one big commitment, that’s for sure, because once you’ve created your own personal space, you don’t want to stop growing.


    • Thank you Donah – it really is great when efforts are recognised and I will encouraged to do better. It is challenging but, we have to remember that it is a commitment we made to ourselves. I love blogging and wish I had more time to do it, but there are choices that need to be made sometimes. I believe after September I will have more time to dedicate to my blog – so here’s to changes! 🙂


  6. Same. Life gets in the way. I start with good intentions and then (too often) they sit as drafts and never see the light of day. Sigh. I aim for once a week or as I think of something.


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