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5 Facebook Mistakes Bloggers Make

Do you ever wish that there was one single unified platform that you could use to share updates, photos, posts and promotions for your blog? Well – since we are in the 21st century, your wish has been granted and Facebook is your knight in shining armor. As the largest social networking website in the world (estimated at 1 billion+ users), Facebook is here to make life easier for bloggers – but yet so many don’t take full advantage of this platform. Here are 5 mistakes that you really should stop making on Facebook:


1. Shameless Self Promotion

Yes – I know you made your Facebook page to promote your blog, but seriously, not every post should be about your blog. All successful Facebook page have to mix it up. If you have a blog post everyday, make sure you post a quote, or a funny image once in a while. This helps humanize your Facebook page and shows your fans that you are not just an automated page but one that actually posts. I know it is hard – trust me – I stuggle as well to find time and make the posts but it pays off. I would rather interact with my fans by joining groups, commenting and liking posts, than just connect my blog and Facebook and let that be the end of it.


2. Spelling Mistakes

It’s a rather obvious one. Kno won shold tlk lyk dis on fb espesh if ur a blogger. Writing is what you do – whether your blog is about fashion, travel, beauty or anything else. Just don’t make spelling mistakes that will reduce your credibility to others. If you spell words wrong on purpose, it’s time that you stopped. No one is perfect, and I know I make mistakes sometimes, but they aren’t on purpose! 🙂


3. Missing the Point

So I said you shouldn’t self promote too much and should mix your posts up, however – do not overdo it! There are some pages on Facebook that really make you question what their actual product/service is. Posting pictures of kittens to promote tax and cute baby images to encourage shoe sales just doesn’t work. We all know that the online community is crazy about babies and cats, but lets not exploit it. Find your balance and only then you can have a successful Facebook page. Good Luck!


4. Unprofessional

That’s right – remember that your Facebook page for your blog is a professional platform to promote your blog – not to gossip, and certainly not to talk about, other bloggers/people. If you’re feeling frustrated with your college, take it out on your personal Facebook profile or just don’t broadcast it on social media – it just isn’t the right place. Always remember to keep your Facebook page as professional and social media friendly as possible, because no one appreciates cyber bullying.


5. Use Hashtags

The Facebook hashtag is a relatively new addition into the Facebook functionality, and I wish there was a way to get all bloggers on this hype. I recently wrote a post on this, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t jumped on the hashtag bandwagon yet. Using hashtags will boosts views on your posts by helping them being found in search results.

Here are my two cents on Facebook marketing for your blog. If you have any questions or comments, do share them below and let me know your thoughts. Happy Blog Marketing! 🙂


17 thoughts on “5 Facebook Mistakes Bloggers Make

  1. Great post, I love all your tips. My number one BIGGEST blogger pet peeve is when shameless self promotion goes a step further and blogger ask for you to like/comment on/follow them if they like/comment on/follow you. Sooo frustrating to read those comments over and over again. Great post! ❤


  2. “Do you ever wish that there was one single unified platform that you could use to share updates, photos, posts and promotions for your blog?”

    – Oh can’t imagine how much I wish just a single platform existed. As if the television and internet has not spoiled us enough, now social networking sites are deliberately making us mad and addicted! I think what really bugs me is incorrect spelling. I can be bit of a Grammar Nazi at times but super-crammed sentences (u gt t ryt gal. juz lyk dis 1 nd mor.) and spelling mistakes just makes me go crazy! 😀 But I know exactly about the robotic facebook page type (Mine is exactly the same).. So probably I need to make it more alive and humane. But I hardly make time for that and when I do post “stuffs”, they mostly get unnoticed! 😀 So yay.. facebook ruined my entire life! 😀


    • I hate poor grammar as well! It is so annoying when adults who have social profiles are unable to spell the regular world without tripping over. I hope you come out of the Facebook ‘black hole’ and enter the real world! 😀


  3. This is amazing Mariam and I definitely agree with the ‘random’ posting once in a while to interact with your followers to humanize your page. Sadly others cross that line and just make it all about them or rant or moan on their page – I mean, ok, we sometimes have these moments but I actually had to unlike or unfollow a few pages or users due to this. Once a week is acceptable but every 30 mins or less is just way out of line LOL of ranting or too much attention-seeking. I must share with you this interesting article about the best way when it comes to posting on FB to market your blog and yourself if I find the link haha. x


    • I completely agree with you Donah – some people do not have the decency to be professional online, especially if they are managing a page or brand. People should realize the line and stay far away from it. As a professional who works in social media, I can tell you that such slip ups often go unnoticed because of the sheer volume of Facebook, but I sincerely hope a better filter comes about to block spam and unnecessary Facebook pages that clutter newsfeeds.


  4. I have a personal FB page and one set up for the writer, me. I’m careful on both actually– I don’t like a lot of political or emotionally charged postings but I’m especially aware of that on my writer account. I need to start incorporating hashtags. Always something to keep up with. Thanks for the good post! I hope others read it.


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  6. This is a great post! Good, short and sweet advice. I completely agree with your point about sticking to a theme. I hate it when I like a page on realty and then I get random images of kittens showing up on my feed (not that I don’t like kittens, but I have a limit)!


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