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The 2 Things That You Need in Life


With the progress of time, we have become obsessed with technology, innovation and the idea of the ‘simple and easy’ life. We all think our problems are unsolvable, but then we go on to resolve them and peace is restored. We manage to over-complicate our lives and then crave the ‘good old days’ – yet a minute without internet access becomes unbearable.

So if there were only 2 things that you could opt for to rebuild and be successful in your life, what would they be?

Internet access and food?

Lemonade and watermelon?

Books and coffee?

Nope. I’m afraid that the two most crucial things in life are the simplest of them all: clean drinking water and hot water.

While these two choices may appear somewhat strange and unconventional – I do have very good reasons.

Clean Drinking Water

Imagine your life without drinking water and soon you’ll realize the importance of it. It is one of the best and simplest nutrients out there, which many of us fail to acknowledge. Because we have easy access to clean water in most Western and European countries, we often forget how difficult our lives would be without it. An estimated 3.4 million people die every year due to the lack of clean water supply – a fact that astounds us in today’s “developed” world. How can we go on to buy the 25th phone cover when we know that another child in Africa is going to die of dehydration? It puts things in perspective to know that 780 million people around the world do not have the facility to have clean water.

Hot Water

Take a cold shower in winter and tell me how that is a good start to a day. Personally, I think cold showers are frustrating and annoying – and I would rather have hot water than freezing cold. Showering is your personal time when some of the greatest eureka! moments happen so why would you want to spoil this experience by showering cold water. It not only distracts your mind from having important thoughts, but it takes a toll on your breathing as well. This would only apply to you if you live in a cold-moderate country because I hear that cold showers are the way in equatorial countries.

Sum Up

My parting thought for you is: what are the two ultimate things that you need to survive and be happy? For me, it is definitely these two – I love drinking water and a hot shower makes me feel refreshed and energized. Let go of your phone and think of something that is timeless – because people have been living for centuries without internet and they were the golden years of the human race.

For a full report on water shortages and donate, please go on to


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