Can You Pull Off An Audrey?

It’s none other than Throwback Thursday today – and in commemoration of this, I’m paying a tribute to the ever classic Audrey Hepburn. This British actress has been a style icon for years, becoming the ultimate personification of elegance and sophistication. Her demure looks and classic style is what made her famous, and it is pretty much what women have tried to replicate over the decades.

Do you want to pull an Audrey? Whether it is for everyday work, or a fancy night out – who wouldn’t want to reel in the grace and eloquence of Miss Hepburn? Here is a glimpse at her popular looks and how you can achieve them:

The Black Capri Pants

tumblr_lfr46cCrDJ1qbilh4o1_500Interestingly enough, this fashion of capri trousers is back this season – and for good reason. I absolutely love these because they give a professional yet playful look. Check out this pair from Zara for £35.99


The Poofy Skirt


I honestly think that most of today’s professional working woman wardrobe is inspired from Audrey Hepburn’s style. The defination added to dresses by use of belts was truly something that people associate with her. Get your hands on this one from Zara at £29.99:


The Black Dress


Last but not the least, Audrey’s classic black dress can easily be replicated in today’s working environment. I searched for the perfect match for this dress, since they don’t make them long and poofy like that anymore. I think here is a pretty good alternative from for £40.00 – it’s classy, black and elegant:

image1xl (1)

The Epitome of Class

Audrey Hepburn is an inspiration for all of us – a poignant reminder of how women can be beautiful and elegant, while being sexy at the same time. What are you favorite looks by this style icon?


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