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5 Ways to Improve your Brain


It came to my attention last week when I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember the name of Bill Clinton’s wife. Everyone, well almost, knows the answer to that question, but my memory was experiencing a momentary lapse – which could easily be blamed on old age.

Except that I am 23 years old. Yes – exactly. Why I was having trouble recalling a fact that I’ve read, said and subconsciously consumed over the years was a mystery – until I realized that my brain is one part of my body that hadn’t worked up a sweat in a while. The whole trying to remember a simple fact made my mind go into over-drive, as the engine whizzed and whirred and came to a dead end.

Hilary Clinton!

Yes – instead of looking it up or asking someone, I waited for my brain to finally remember the answer. It was one of those moments where you expect fireworks and the fun fair ‘Ding Ding Ding!’, but it was pretty much just me excitedly exclaiming her name. Random.

I don’t like my brain being so undependable – I want to remember things and remember them well. I don’t want to rely on Google, or Wikipedia – I should be able to absorb information like I used to be able to! Here are 5 ways that I researched and found useful to workout my brain to boost my memory:


Chocolate is one of the superfood that improve memory

Feed your Brain

Just like any other part of our body, our brain needs to be nourished and maintained. The best thing about superfoods for your brain is that they are readily available in the local shop. Next time you reach for that packet of crisps, swap it for some brain fuel by opting for blueberries or an apple. Both of these fruits are packed with anti-oxidants that prevent inflammation in your brain as well as  increase blood flow. The best news is that chocolate is included in the list of brain foods – so indulge away!

Rest your Brain

If your brain is sleep deprived, it is not going to function 100% – simple. What you needs to remember is that you are not a robot but a human being, and a minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep is necessary for your body. If you are having trouble sleeping, I wrote a piece on getting your 8 hour shuteye not too long ago – so be sure to rest your body and mind to make the most of both.

Do you see the man in the coffee beans? This is a brain challenge.

Do you see the man in the coffee beans? This is a brain challenge.

Test your Brain

Our brain is trained to be tested – from primary school all the way to university. We are constantly learning and giving exams to test our knowledge and memory. You shouldn’t just give up on the learning procedure once you finish your degree,  instead opt for some brain exercising activities to keep your memory on its toes. Download apps on your phone, or do the brain challenges online – whatever floats your boat to keep your memory going.

Exercise your Body

Exercise is the solution to an enormous amount of problems we face. Whether you are stressed, distressed, obese, unhappy or bored – go for a run and you will immediately feel the difference. That is the effect a good workout of your muscles has on your body. Exercise improves the blood flow around our body, essentially giving our brain the much needed wake up call.


Key to combating any challenge

It’s a State of Mind

Lastly, always remember that everything can be overcome if you put your mind to it. Mind over matter – remember these words and you can conquer anything. Stay focused on improving your brain and it will happen. Instead of making these promises to improve your memory or complaining about forgetting things, make the change and be the change!


8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Improve your Brain

  1. Great post!This happens to me on occasion.. trying to remember some actor’s name in a movie or something I red somewhere. Then all of a sudden my brand goes: It’s so and crazy!


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  3. Ok well i’m almost 49, not old, but old enough not to worry about all those brain farts. I blame information clutter sometimes, my kids other times (they’re handy), My favorite is 1) walking into a room with full intention and the completely forgetting why I’m there and/or 2) losing all five pairs of my reading glasses, knowing darn well at least one will show up in the refrigerator. 😉


    • This is so true – information clutter clouds our brains and makes us inefficient at times. I’m glad you eventually find you glasses! The first thing happens to me a lot – sometimes I go to my manager at work and completely blank out – which is what initially realize that my brain is not as useful as it used to be. I’ve started following these tips I wrote about, and I can feel a difference because I’m continuously trying to challenge my memory. It really helps 🙂


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