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Recently I went on a trip abroad – hence my 1 month blog hiatus – and boy was it the best vacation of my life. I was skeptical of taking my entire annual leave in one go, but it was a spontaneous decision I made in for a much needed break. I was going on a long journey, with 10-12 hours of travel time and this meant making some good travelling decisions.

Usually this would mean stretched skin, dry hands, frizzy hair and crumpled clothes – but now this time! I arrived at my destination in not only a good mood, but feeling fresher than ever. So what if you are flying economy, doesn’t mean that you can’t look first class! How did I do this? Here are my secrets on how to travel in style:

Extra Top

While it is tempting to arrive at the airport with full make-up and perfect clothes, this is one of the reasons that people look haggard by the end of the journey. My advice is that you go to the airport in jeans and perfect shoes, but an average top. This is because jeans can go from casual to glam with the right top – so pack that top in your handbag! It doesn’t take too much space, especially if you pick the right material. Something flowy and that doesn’t need ironing – and now you’ve hit jack pot!



As I said before, wear your preferred shoes – whether heels, boots or flat. Just go for it because for the majority of the journey you will take them off. Yes, that is the secret – take socks in your ever-dependable hand bag. Once the seat belt sign comes off and you’re in the air, take your shoes off to enjoy the journey without the hassle of shoes. Most women who travel in heels end up walking like camels by the end of their journey – but not you!


One of the worst things about flying is the dryness you feel in the cabin. The air pressure and lack of circulation makes your skin dry up, so the best thing to do is have a very good moisturiser with you. No need to go splurging at the Duty Free, you can easily find Vaseline at your local shop – which is probably the best and most effective moisturiser around. I like their hand and nail cream, as well as their lip tins. Secret tip: take some vaseline gel from the lip tin and apply it under your eyes (on the bags), this will make your skin feel blissful while in flight.

Jessica Alba has perfected the airport look

Jessica Alba has perfected the airport look


Many people forget to drink water while in flight. Maybe its because of the inconvenience or lack of routine, but you should always try to keep hydrated to keep your body regulated. I recommend buy a large bottle at Duty Free (this is where you need to splurge!) and aim to finish at least 2-3 of them during the flight (depending on the length of the journey).

Hair Do

My hair is long and straight, and most of the time I have to do nothing to manage it – unless I am flying. God knows what happens, but it goes frizzy and unmanageable. So as soon as I sit at my seat, it is goodbye beautiful long locks and hello braid. I just do a simple braid, finishing on my shoulder, which can be easily undone at landing.

And Time to Land…

Around 30-40 minutes before landing, go to the rest room in the airplane and put your glam on. Change your top, pack up the socks and apply make up. You can fix your hair and voila! you’re the most stylish traveler on the airplane! While everyone gawks at you at immigration, you’ll be looking effortlessly chic and rested – something that cannot be achieved if your make up is running down your face while you camel walk through passport control!

Do you have any travelling tips to share? Did you find these tips useful? Share your tips by commenting below 🙂


12 thoughts on “Traveling in Style

  1. GREAT tips! I follow a lot of those as well – Water & socks are especially important on longer flights. I always wear black when I travel, carry an oversized pashmina & pack leggings to put on once we’re in the air so I’m more comfortable. It’s amazing all the little tricks & tips you pick up over the years!


  2. Ooo these are amazing tips. Frankly, I always wondered how to managed to pull up such a chic-calm look after a long flight. I have never travelled in a plane till now. But someday, when I will (surely), I’ll keep your tips in mind. These are so effortless. 🙂


  3. Great advice! Being on a plane atleast 2-3 times a week…I feel like a bit of an expert in this arena! (: I love the pashmina and water tip above and also I suggest; a small bottle of Avene Thermal Spray water to keep your skin hydrated throughout the flight (a little spray every hour will do!) , to avoid caffine or salt on the day of the flight and to keep accessories down to dangly earinings and maybe a few trendy bracelets (as rings and necklaces can get quite uncomfortable when traveling!) Also, I personally prefer dresses or casual chic pants when traveling over jeans… much more comfortable and can always use your pashmina to cover your legs if cold! For more beauty tips, please check out my blog!! Cheers from Barcelona!


  4. On an almost 13 hour flight to India last year I put a couple of those half moon under eye moisturiser patches on, you know the ones I’m sure, then covered them up with my always present travel eye mask for a half hour or so before landing and they really helped my eyes look fresh, and reduced my dark circles and under eye puffiness. It was the first time I had done that but I will do it every trip now.

    I have done a lot of long haul travelling so I am always prepared. I use many of your tips above too, although I never wear high heeled or tight fitting shoes, as I like comfort all the time and on long haul flights feet usually swell up anyway. I now tend to wear a maxi dress as I think they always look smart and are as comfy as a pair of pjs or a night dress, with flat comfortable sandals. If you want to look a little glam throwing a pashmina around your shoulders with a maxi dress always works. I am more the comfort over glamour look myself though I have to say, but I do want to look nice, fresh and wide awake.

    Quick trip to the loo to brush my teeth, spray my perfume, put on eye liner and lip gloss, comb my hair and to change my underwear! I ALWAYS take a change of underwear. A quick wash, or use of wet wipes, plus clean underwear always make you feel fresher in time for landing 🙂


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