The Return of Vintage Fashion

It’s Thursday and nothing completes the week without a good look at the past. This week I have been thinking of the amazing fashion of the 60’s and 80’s – both golden eras for fashion because of all the glitz, glamour and rebellion. Even today, we are inspired by these times, which is a testimony of good style.

So today I will showcase some trends that should really make a comeback. These fashions exude class, elegance and everything that a woman should represent – a timeless beauty that is the perfect combination of confidence, charm and mystery. Here are some of the trends that should be back this year:



Gloves add a quality of mystery – the hidden part creates the illusion of a woman that is unknown to anyone but herself. The popularity of gloves has died down, but they continue to be a part of evening wear at balls and royal affairs as they create a timeless appearance of elegance. Bring back the gloves!

Polka Dots


As a huge fan of polka dots, I have always sided with this fashion. Whether on blouses, shirts, skirts or dresses, polka dots add a certain formality to an outfit that is least expected. It is the perfect print for work outfits, and gives a salute to the retro era.



For the shortest period of time, pearls were the ‘it’ jewellery to wear – unfortunately the trend didn’t last for long. Personally, I used to associate pearls with Mrs. Havisham (Great Expectations) until I saw Blair Waldorf (above) pull them off so beautifully. Now I consider them to be the perfect accessory for a formal outfit!

Collar Dress

Vintage Collar Dress

I have to admit, I was skeptical of this trend at first because of the large white space around the collar – but now I’m loving it. The simplicity of the outfit makes it one that allows you to add color pop accessories such as bright shoes and a clutch.



Adding a little oomph to your outfit, bows are not only a feminine touch but they look so cute! Whether you choose bow heels, flats, a hairband or a brooch – it will definitely make your outfit fun. So go ahead – give your nod to the 60’s!


14 thoughts on “The Return of Vintage Fashion

  1. Love every single item ^^ And Blair’s picture just made miss Gossip Girl…. 😦
    Im following u on bloglovin! #gig
    Don’t forget to check my anniversary giveaway!


  2. I always wanted to own a pair of those gloves. They’re so elegant and gives such a royal-ish feeling. And polka dots, bows and peter pan collars are definitely a huge rage today. I also want to see the comeback of those big hats with feather and nets. They totally carry the essence of pure vintage fashion. Sometimes I wish I could live those era. Amazing post! And for a record, Blair Waldorf has a breath-taking fashion taste. Infact the entire GG cast did. xoxo


    • I could not agree more, sometimes the elegance of the past is what we need today! I love those gloves as well and I bought a pair in net… although I haven’t had a chance to wear them apart from once at a fancy dress! Totally missing the glamour of GG


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