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Film Review: Iron Man 3

The third installment in the Iron Man series has been one of the most anticipated films of 2013. As a huge superhero films fan, I had been waiting for this release since the epic awesomeness that was The Avengers. With Iron Man 3, there is the return of the ever charismatic Tony Stark – his devil-may-care attitude and overconfidence is what makes him the genius playboy philanthropist that he is. However, Iron Man 3 shows a different side of Stark – one which was unexpected.



Iron Man has always been one of those characters that you either love or hate. He is not like Spiderman, Superman or Batman since he parades his identity in the face of everyone. Everyone knows Tony Stark is the creator of the Iron Man suit, and he wears it in time of peril to save the world (as you do) – ultimately this quality of flamboyance is what makes him an easy target. To cut the chase: Tony Stark threatens the terrorist Mandarin (who incidentally is from Asia, keeps making explosion in the US and threatens to kill the President)

Once the threat is issued, Mandarin launches an open attack on Tony – which makes him a dead man walking. Until this part, the film was excellent. It is one of the first times that we get to see the vulnerable side of Iron Man. Unlike other superheroes, his human side of emotions dominates him and makes him weak. I mean, surely Superman would never have panic attacks that leave him breathless. Personally, I think it was a good touch – humanizing Iron Man makes audiences feel more connected to the superhero, essentially making us feel invincible (the whole association theory)


On a Serious Note

The film progresses in this manner where Stark has to face the impossible, survive and ultimately defeat the Mandarin. What I absolutely loved about Iron Man 3 was the interesting twist about the Mandarin. While on the surface he is an Asian man who has a beard and dominates without reason, he is later revealed to be a puppet of an American scientist – Killian. The reason Killian chooses anonymity is to reach greater power without any negative effects. This was a very insightful twist, and makes you think about the current world situation. Who are we to trust in terms of news and threats – we don’t really  know who the bad guy is…

Iron Man 3 is a well thought out and executed film. Seeing Tony Stark being Tony Stark is a treat in itself because of his humor and personality – you can’t help but love him. You can keep making these films and audiences will love them because of Robert Downy Jnr, he is an all-time favorite. More power to him, and here’s to another squeal!

That’s all folks – what are your thoughts on Iron Man 3? 


14 thoughts on “Film Review: Iron Man 3

  1. Regadless to say, the film was amazing. Not to mention Robert Downy Jnr’s amazing acting as Tony Stark. But somehow, I could never bring myself to watch the Iron Man series. Or any of these superhero films. Although I exclude Spiderman (I watched it everytime only for Toby Mcguire). I know you might have probably shot me if I said this infront of you! But somehow these filsm never caught my attention. 😛


    • Oh no – you have to watch them! I thought I wouldn’t like them either but once I gave them a chance, there was no going back. I’ve seen everything now, from X-Men to Avengers, Spiderman to Captain America – can’t get enough 🙂


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