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5 Tips for a Better Sleep

It comes in the darkness of the night, slowly prowling onto our beds, gnawing on the edge of our mind and slowly entering our thoughts – insomnia. We all experience it at one point or another as it voids us of the one luxury that gives us complete peace – sleep. Lack of sleep causes frustration, anxiety and stress, which are all emotions that lead to unproductivity and inefficiency.

Here are 5 ways you can get rid of insomnia and enter dreamland without any drama:

Full face of makeup and a silk dress - not the best ingredients for a good sleep!

Full face of makeup and a silk dress – not the best ingredients for a good sleep!

#1 Have the Perfect Environment

Too hot or too cold – either can be uncomfortable. Your body and mind need to be at peace, so make sure you have a cool environment with a light duvet to ease yourself into sleep mode. Lighting also makes a difference, so opt for complete darkness or a small nightlight. The perfect environment can only be created when you are comfortable – so wear something lose and soft.

#2 Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol 

This one’s a no brainer – no coffee, nicotine or alcohol before bed (this includes late in the evening). So make sure you don’t wind your body up by having any caffeine!

Binging on a chocolate cake before bed time? No - put that back in the fridge and walk away!

Binging on a chocolate cake before bed time? No – put that back in the fridge and walk away!

#3 Watch your Diet

Big meals before bed mean feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Try to have your dinner at least 1.5 hour before your bed time. This means you can slip into sleep without those noises coming from your belly. No matter how much you want, stay away from that fridge and avoid midnight snacks at all costs!

#4 Get rid of Distractions

TV in your bedroom? Mobile phone under pillow? It is time to make your bed room an oasis of sleep. Remove any distractions to make sure that you have no distractions to wind up your brain before bed.


#5 Train your Body’s Sleep Cycle

As creatures of habit, you can train your brain to fall asleep and wake up at certain times. I have tried it and it works. So make sure you stick to your routine and have your perfect 8 hours of sleep every night. So it is finally time to kick out the insomnia monster and hello to beauty sleep!


8 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Better Sleep

  1. Ohh hahah I’m such a sucker for this. Cellphone under pillow? Yes. Waking up from nightmare (at midnight) and hunting down the house for chocolates & cookies? Yes. Coffee-holic? Definitely a big yes. I’m such a big night owl. But I prefer sleeping in complete darkness. I used to sleep really less like 1-2hrs for last few years, which ultimately got me admitted to the hospital for a month. haha but now that my exams are over, I’m sleeping for as long as 10hrs. Ohh I love to sleep so much. hehe 😀


  2. Great info! I just wrote on this aswell…. check it out as it gives a bit more info on what foods, supplements and enviromental tweeks can help assure you get the best sleep possible! Hope you enjoy! “beauty-sleep-your-symphony-and-a-better-world” Cheers from Barcelona!


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  4. #5 was the hardest one for me to conquer and possibly the most important. Depriving myself of sleep my whole life was one of the worst things I’ve done. When #1 to 5 aren’t a possibility there is always #6…smoking some weed!


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