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6 Things I Learnt from Grey’s Anatomy

As a self-confessed Grey’s Anatomy junkie, I can honestly say that the end of this amazing 9 season show will leave a gaping hole in my life. Since 2005, I have been completely and hopelessly addicted to the dramas that ensued in Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloane Memorial. There have been many many moments where this show has made me cry, fight an emotional battle (it is only a TV show) and rejoice in the successes of each of the doctors (i.e. characters)

It is by far the most intense series that I have followed over the years, at times interfering in my dreams and making me feel anxious for the next episode. Yes, I am that addicted. Having watched every season and every episode, there are many things that I have picked up from Grey’s Anatomy over the years. Here I’m gonna share the 6 lessons I learnt from the awesome show:


#1 Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

The hospital can be treated as a microcosmic world, all the characters are different nations – each one striving to achieve greatness. The difference between the show and reality? People in the real world are afraid to risk it and be awesome. There are too many barriers, concerns and hoops to jump through to actually take a chance, the whole concept of spontaneous thought and action have been lost now. Whether it is Christina or Derek, they always try innovative procedures in their respective fields to make advancement and gain recognition. That is something that we all need to strive for – sitting on your backside and going with the flow is not how great things happen!


#2 What You Think You Want is Not Always What You Actually Want

Every person has this vision of their life. Some want to start-up their own firms, others want to reach a certain position and then there are those who relish the small things in life (the happiest of the lot) – whatever it is that you think you want, may not be what you actually want. Derek Shepherd’s main goal had always been to become Chief of Surgery at the hospital, a wish that was granted soon after he started working there. Was he happy? For a while, yes – but slowly he began to realize that his dream was tarnished and it wasn’t what he wanted after all.


#3 Love Fails You Sometimes

There are many things we are lead to believe – from ‘everyone needs someone to love’ to ‘love is the only way to true happiness’, well I learnt that even love can fail you sometimes and leave you as a broken shell. From the first season, it appeared that Alex and Izzy are meant to be – a perfect match. After a complicated few seasons, they finally get married and everyone is happy – right until the moment Izzy disappears and leaves Alex as a broken and confused married man. Lesson here is, if love fails you, pick yourself up and use all your energy to become great at something. That is precisely what Alex does – initiating the Africa project and becoming the ‘in-demand’ doctor by Hopkins – not too shabby for a broken hearted man.


#4 Fight for What You Want

There are moments in life when accepting defeat is all we can really do. Not when you are working in Seattle Grace – defeat is a taboo that no one falls for. Each of the doctors working in the facility has gone through a traumatic experience, Christina and Meredith managing to pull of a surgery with a bomb in the room, Alex being shot by the gunman, Derek and most of the others being in a plane crash – all of these experiences left them stronger and more motivated than ever. Fighting for their hospital and being forever loyal – which eventually helps them reach a point in their career that they didn’t actually plan – ownership!


#5 Everyone Needs a Person 

No matter how tough you think you are, at the end of the day, we are all just human. From the sadness and depression to happiness and pain, we are all in the same journey, just different points. Grey’s Anatomy is a show that gave relationships a lot of importance, especially friendships. Every season, we see the bond between Christina and Meredith grow stronger – essentially becoming the essence of ‘having a person’.


#6 When It’s Meant toTo Be, Nothing Can Stop It

Personally, I don’t have much faith in love and the whole shabang but Grey’s Anatomy  is a teeny tiny glimmer of hope for me. Meredith and Derek go through everything (when I say everything, I mean everything), their relationship goes from a one night stand to a full blown marriage in 9 seasons – and it’s not without it’s problems. They adopt, have a miscarriage, separate, and still remain each other’s rock. Now if there is  relationship that survived an apocolypse, it would be theirs!


18 thoughts on “6 Things I Learnt from Grey’s Anatomy

  1. I am a huge huge huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. I’m gonna be so devastated when season 9 is going to end. But undoubtedly, GA has left us with some true advices and thoughts. I think GA never failed to teach us some life-defining lessons. Not a moment has passed when I didn’t have goosebumps. This is by far the best show to have been created.
    Long live Grey’s Anatomy. Oh and, MerDer rocks. So did Alex/Izzie and Lexie/Mark! They gave us some heart-racing romance and friendships! ^____^


    • It’s going to be like the time Friends ended all over again. This show is too good, and it’s one of the few that got better every season. Now we will have to find something that fills up that void – challenge!


      • I don’t think they’ll end Grey’s Anatomy completely with the 9th Season, do you? That’d be like, horrible! They should keep it going like How I Met Your Mother (though I’m dying to know who the ‘mother’ is). I totally remember how sad I was when Friends ended. 😀


  2. I adore GA. I can’t believe it is going to end soon. And well, to be fair, Izzie wasn’t going to leave. But they had to cut her out cause she was being a drama queen off-show. Maybe, Izzie’s character would’ve been completely different, who knows!


  3. I love, love, love Grey’s Anatomy! My heart used to leap when they used to show the entire cast in a panoramic view when the commercial breaks would commence and end. I feel like I know all of them, like I can be on a first name basis with them when i talk about it with people. This is a great post. I love your blog! 🙂


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