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Star Wars – An Unexpected Love Story

Prejudice – That is the one and only reason I had the wrong idea about Star Wars. I had been misled by stereotypes to believe that the film focuses on people having a war in space – something which isn’t really appealing to me. But, when I finally watched the film around 3 years ago, I realized that this epic film is what I least expected it to be… a story of unrequited love.


No one had ever mentioned this aspect of the film to me, maybe because it takes a girl to actually realize that this movie is actually a man’s emotions gone out of control. Beneath all the jedis and siths, beyond the Empire and Republic, the story is just of a man who lost his first love and become what was expected – a vengeful bastard.

Surprisingly enough, the love story is not of the most infamous characters of Star Wars, namely Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, but it is of the previous generation. To understand why Darth Vader becomes Darth Vader, it is important to look at Star Wars Episode I – III (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith).

This is how I see it:

Anakin Skywalker is a slave child who is a genius, his love of flying and electronics make him a wonder (he already has a robot C-3PO). The force is very strong within him, being eventually trained as a Jedi. He has to leave his mother and move on with life – an important factor in the moulding of his personality.

Long story short, Anakin eventually meets Padme Amidala (Queen of Naboo). Their friendship blossoms into love, when Anakin secretly marries Padme with C-3Po and R2D2 as their witnesses. Soon after this, Padme becomes pregnant with twins and Anakin has to leave as there is trouble in Empire/Republic.


While Anakin is away, he keeps feeling anxious and having dreams that Padme dies in childbirth. These ideas keep floating in his head and he confesses his emotions to the Chancellor (who later becomes the main antagonist) and he takes advantage of Anakin’s naive nature to turn him against the Empire. The Chancellor turns into the megalomaniac Dark Lord of Siths in Revenge of the Sith – taking Anakin to the Dark Side with him. He uses his weak faith as bait by telling Anakin that the dark powers will save his wife from death.

In his helpless state, Anakin starts believing the Chancellor, ultimately betrays the Empire in an effort to save his wife. When Padme learns of this news, she tries to convince Anakin otherwise but in his power rage, he accuses Padme of betraying him and actually chokes her to unconsciousness. While he regrets this, Padme gives birth to twins (Luke and Princess Leia – yes, they are brother and sister!) and dies.


Anakin is left heartbroken, with severed limbs and dying in volcanic lava. The Sith lord rescues him and fits his body with a respirator and cybernetic limbs – thus the birth of Darth Vader, an angry, bitter and heartbroken man who only wanted to save his love but failed epically.

So that was Star Wars…

I only realized that Leia and Luke were twins when I watched these films, before that I actually believed they were love interests of each other. Watching this film opened up a whole new world, like the first time I read Harry Potter. I didn’t understand the fandom and the craziness people felt towards these films – but now I get it. Firstly, they (first 3 films) were made before all the social media hype and high technology (Harry Potter, Twilight, LOTR), for their time, they portray the Star Wars series beautifully.


These films are so popular for the fact that they tell the story of love, revenge and power – the 3 struggles that are timeless and universal. Everyone can relate to Star Wars in one way or another, whether it is feeling helpless or in love (or both). My advice to anyone who hasn’t yet watched the series is that you should let go of all prejudice and enjoy the series with an open mind. It will blow your mind, after all, there is a huge hype and there must be a reason for it!


7 thoughts on “Star Wars – An Unexpected Love Story

  1. See, I love the first 3 (Parts 4-6) and always thought that they were about love, family, revenge, regret and emotion…with great CGI and comedy 😀

    But I hate the second lot (first lot?! it’s confusing!!) and Anakin…OMG I wanted to slap him around a bit – Darth Vader is SUCH a better character! (I actually haven’t watched the last one (Part 3?)


    • I see where you are coming from, but it just surprised me that at the end of all of it – Darth Vader only came to be because of love. I liked Anakin, but in reality he was always a bad boy and DV was his ultimate escape.


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