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5 Apps for your Blog

Blogging is intense. I love it, but at times I find it difficult to dedicate time to my blog. While the majority of my blogging is done on my laptop, I use apps on my iPhone to monitor and interact with bloggers. Planning and building a blog without support from apps would be very difficult, especially since they allow us to have access to everything much quicker and easier.

Checkout these apps to help manage and interact with users:

1. WordPress

Personally, I consider the WordPress app a blessing. It truly makes life much easier for a blogger since everything is available on the app. From blog statistics to the ability to approve and reply to comments, this app is one of the best apps to date. There are many others available, but I primarily use this app to catch up with other bloggers, comment on posts and monitor activity on Organised Clutter. Kudos to WordPress for making an app that doesn’t breakdown as much as Facebook!

2. Facebookimage_1367060832093222

If you have a Facebook profile, do add me as well. One of the most used apps around, Facebook allows you to post updates, send messages and chat with friends online. It is a popular app, and this is probably why they are continuously having updates (which I find rather annoying) but at least it works!

3. Pages

As far as Facebook page management goes, Pages is an excellent app to download. It lets you view insights, share updates and view who has liked you page. It is quite a basic app but it is very useful if you are managing a Facebook page. I’m just getting used to this app and I find it quite helpful to interact with all the ‘likers’ of the page. (Haven’t liked my page yet? You can do it now: OrganisedClutter

4. Twitter

Since most of the time I am on the go, I rarely have any time to log into my social media accounts and update my followers. Twitter is probably one of the best social media apps out there because it allows multiple account management – something Facebook and many other apps are yet to introduce. You can manage your blog tweets as well as your personal account… and live happily ever after! (Follow me)

5. Pinterest

Last but not the least – Pinterest. Making a late entry into the social media world, Pinterest has caught on fast – which is why you should create an account for your blog. It is perfect to share blog posts, checkout other blogs and connect with bloggers out there. It is super convinient, I find myself on Pinterest whenever I am in a waiting room or commuting, it is pretty much the best way to pass time because it is FULL of good advice and information. Not following me yet? Checkout my page today: OrganisedClutter


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