Is Runway Fashion Practical?

I love fashion – there is no second guessing that. As each season comes by, I want to get signature items to give my wardrobe a face lift. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, or a smart blazer – the smallest purchase can make the difference for an outfit, that’s why I think it is worth investing in good and durable trends of each season. Personally, a new item in my wardrobe makes me feel happy – just pure, simple happiness 🙂

The reason I bring this up is because I recently experienced a bit of annoyance towards the fashion industry. I usually feel admiration for designers since they put out excellent collections every season, it must be challenging to stay ahead of the game and despite the competition, they always succeed in producing beautiful designs. The reason I felt this way was because I was in a restaurant where they had Fashion TV on the screens. Now Fashion TV is an entertaining channel, it provides insights about fashion shows and runway preparations, as well as the actual shows, however it is not my choice of TV entertainment. Why? Because they always have some random fashions on display that no one would ever wear!

lino-villaventura-2-_31018800Yes, my annoyance towards fashion was deeply rooted in the fact that the runway pieces being paraded on the catwalk were not only very impractical, but some were downright outrageous. If I turned up to work with a blazer with feathers trailing down my back and a sheer blouse  – it would not go down well, to say the least!

Here are some looks from the latest collections that I would NOT go for this season:

Yellow tights with a yellow skirt doubles with a yellow jacket and blue shoes – just NO to this Betsy Johnson look.

dolce and gabbanna

I guess Dolce and Gabbana were going for a ‘summery’ look with this – some clothes are just inappropriate!

milly by michelle smith

You say high end fashion – I say lose bag dress with no shape. Had higher expectations from Michelle Smith

kenneth-cole vital-agibalow_16205200

Corpse Bride meets James Bond – Where would you ever wear this mix of an outfit to?!

The question remains: Is runway fashion practical or are the designers just putting whacky stuff out there for the sake of it? I think it’s a waste of material, time and efforts to put out even one outfit that is not wearable by their buyers – so they just shouldn’t do it! Runway fashion is high-end fashion, but honestly, at this time of recession and global economic problems, I believe that designers should put out good stuff – or no stuff at all. Instead, take that money and use that time to give back to charities, there are a million ways to spend that amount of capital than to waste it on creation impractical creations that would only be worn on the runway!


2 thoughts on “Is Runway Fashion Practical?

  1. You know, I used to feel the same exact way. The clothes that you see on runways are never in fact anything that you would see anyone wear in real life. One time, I even saw a model on tv walking down the runway with a pizza on her head! It’s crazy right? But I was talking to a friend about this and he said something that kind of made sense. Fashion can be anything to anyone. But above all, fashion is ART. The clothes that we see on runaways are exaggerated, abstract ideas that take our mind “out of the box” so to speak. So, if fashion helps us to open our eyes to something different… well then, I get it. But, at the same time, I agree with you. There should also be more stuff out that isn’t ridiculous and wacky. That anyone can wear.


    • That’s a really good point, I do believe that fashion is a way of expressing yourself – which is the ultimate purpose of art, but sometimes the ideas that are presented are a bit far fetched. I think some designers take it too far, just to be different, which defeats the purpose of expression. I cannot believe the model had a pizza on her head! How ridiculous, imagine if that was a trend! 🙂


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