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Is It Worth Pursuing your Dream?

Imagine Bill Gates as a baker, serving cupcakes to the stock broker Quentin Tarantino who is having a business meeting with his accountant Steve Jobs. Outside the window of the bakery, Donald Trump’s face is plastered on a bench with the slogan “A Real Estate Agent who Knows Best”, and on the bench sits Lady Gaga – waiting for her husband to pick her up after finishing her shift as shop assistant in the bakery. Nearby on the sidewalk, you see Oprah pushing a twin-stroller  into the bakery to pick up birthday cakes for her twin boys.

It’s an interesting yet confusing picture.  Why are the world’s most influential and innovative minds in the world not doing what they do best? This is a world void of Microsoft, Apple and much more. This is a world that could have been had these people not pursued their dreams and excelled in their careers. This is the choice every single person has to make, at one point or another, in order to realize their ambition and determine their path of life.


There are many points in life, especially for the generation that has graduated and entered the workforce during the recently passed recession, where you feel helpless and defeated. It is important to pick yourself up, straighten your perspective and redefine the word ‘failure’ to move forward.

It is difficult.

It is challenging.

It is life.

Almost every successful person in the world has a story of perseverance, a story in which they tell you how many times they failed and refused to accept defeat. The key to their achievement? Ambition and a positive approach, as well as an undying passion that they believe in.


Ultimately, the question remains the same: Is it really worth pursuing your dreams? Even when it means rejection after rejection, a blow to your self-confidence and a huge hit on your belief in going after your passion?

Personally, I strongly believe that the answer is always: YES

Despite the side effects of pursuing your dream, it is the one thing in our lives that makes us unique while also giving us a purpose to live. If we didn’t have ambition and a drive to achieve – even if it is as small as going through a whole day without eating chocolate – there would be little to live for. It is a mountain of small things that make our lives worthwhile and enjoyable.

Whether your dream is to be a certain weight, or to work in a certain company – you should do whatever it takes to make it come true. It is important that you work hard and motivate yourself since it is your dream – no one else is going to come and make it happen for you.

Not all of us have a fairy god mother to help us out! It’s time to become your own biggest cheerleader to get the most – be selfish in getting what you want and only then you will get what you deserve.


The world would be a completely different place had the above mentioned key individuals not pursued their dreams. That is the power of pursuing your dream – you hold the tiny chance of making an astronomical difference to the world. Why would you consciously want to lose the chance of making a change to the lives of 7 billion people? I wouldn’t! So here’s to pursing your dreams and making it happen for yourself 🙂


11 thoughts on “Is It Worth Pursuing your Dream?

  1. I agree. We have to think about in the long run, when we are at the end of our life. Will we be satisfied with what we’ve done? We have to run full speed towards our dreams and never take no for an answer. We’re put here for a reason!


  2. This is so motivating! Thanks for the push! I’ve been so stressed recently and I needed to take a step back from it all to see it from a different perspective – I wouldn’t have been able to do it without reading your post!


  3. This is so motivating! I’m a strong believer in pursuing your dreams even if you get rejected time after time. But in my case I need to figure out what I want out of life. xx


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