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Cassette and Pencil – A New Way to Test Underagers

There are many things that we bid farewell to in the millennial, including box set TVs, Backstreet Boys and clogs (despite Kate Moss’ attempts to revive the fashion last year) While a move forward is usually a good thing, there are many things that I miss from my childhood. Being a 1989 baby, I am going to be 24 this year – wow that IS a big number. There are many times when I am speaking to my younger siblings and they do not understand what I am referring to. The perfect example of this being the cassette and pencil relationship.

Looking through my old stuff, I found many old music cassettes – from Spice Girls to Aqua, I even had a few ordered specially that had specific songs that I picked. Some of the cassettes were in their tiny little cases, whereas some were sitting at the end of the box – covered in their own tape. One of my siblings (baby of the Millennial) proposed a solution: lets cut it out.


Bring a pencil. That is what I said – to be stared at with a look at suggested that I had gone mad.


Well, the trick is pretty simple and I am sure that everyone who was born before 1998 must know it -or so I hope. To his confusion and amusement, I managed to reel back all the tape into the cassette by using the pencil. Not only this, but the tape was has a cut at one point which was quickly fixed by using nail polish to glue them back. Once I completed my 90’s trick, I managed to get an impressed look from my brother – something that is not easily achieved as the elder sister!

To this end, I suggest that clubs, bars, hotels and even concerts have the simple test conducted at the ticket/entrance in order to identify who is underage and who isn’t. It suffices as the perfect age test! Not only this, but there are several other proposals that I came up with to test those who try to come off as 18, but really they were born in 1998:


  • Play ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls and ask them to name each of the spice girls
  • Ask them to do the macarena (the Gangnam Style of the 90’s)
  • Say “In west Philadelphia born and raised…” and wait for them to complete it
  • Ask them the ultimate question: What is a walkman?

Now if they pass these 5 tests – then they probably deserve to attend whatever it is that they want to sneak into!

Are there any things that you miss from the 90’s?


16 thoughts on “Cassette and Pencil – A New Way to Test Underagers

  1. Woohoo I’m a 90s baby! I was born in 91 so I have pretty vivid memories of the end of the decade. This will definitely work as an underage test! I miss the music from the 90s…definitely the best music ever! I used to use my little finger for fixing cassettes! The other day my Dad pointed out that I officially class as ‘old’ now because I can’t name all of One Direction! 00s kids have no idea what a great decade they missed out on!


  2. Woot!!! I was born in 1989 and yes 24 is a big number. I do miss the spice girls and Aqua. I think spice girls was one of the first CDs that I brought. I still remember being able to dance to all their songs. *fan girl moment* Omg I use to be obsessed with the backstreet boys! And all the other boy bands 🙂 I’m so glad that I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t know all the names to One Direction. I love and miss some of the music in the 90s.


    • Backstreet Boys were the One Direction of our generation! I remember ALL their songs, and NSYNC and 5ive! While 24 is a big number, I love being a 90’s kid because we got to experience Britney before she went weird, we know why Hilary Duff is famous and we remember the original Girl Power 🙂


      • I completely agree with you there. I love being a 90s kid. Still remember the days where we got around without all this fancy technology. I still love spending time outside rather than on my computer all the time. And I can’t believe that I’m turning 24 in a few weeks time :p I dream of the simpler days! 😀


  3. Backstreet Boys, Britney, Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark, but also (and im gonna be brave now and say-) New Kids On The Block 😛 Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (same bday as me, different year :P) was still a starting actor and Roseanne was huge on tv 🙂


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