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5 Great RomComs to Re-Watch in 2013

Channeling in the tone of the month, it is only fitting that we rewatch some of the best romcoms in the past few years. While there have been many films in the genre, I am counting down my 5 absolute favorite (trust me, it was a tough decision) movies. Here are the films that we should give homage to in 2013 since they were not only funny, but they tapped into the perfect mix of romance and entertainment:


Something Borrowed

I absolutely loved the book , I had high expectations from the film – which were all fulfilled. The story of two best friends who experience the ultimate betrayal is definitely gold for romcom material and I think this film hit the nail on the head. Plus point: Kate Hudson is absolutely hilarious and gives the character her 100%.


Crazy Stupid Love

This film not only teaches us about the importance of styling and image, but it has the ultimate element of surprise. 3 things I love about this movie? Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Gosling! While the film follows the story of a couple stuck in a rut, it’s also about finding love in the most unexpected places.


What’s Your Number

An interesting entry into this list but What’s your Number is a film that I can watch over and over again because it is so entertaining. Ally is in a quest to find all her past boyfriends to rekindle previous romances – with each situation being a twist in a funny direction.



As the ultimate chick flick – Bridesmaid is full of awkward moments that make you laugh out loud. Again, a story about best friends but this time the focus is on their relationship. I guarantee that this film can make you cheer up no matter what mood you are in!


Silver Linings Playbook

Never thought an Oscar nominated film would make a romcom list but it has happened! The reason for it’s success is the dysfunctional relationships that harvest between the majority of the characters, portrayed in a comical way. The actors justify their roles and give us a film that has become a timeless landmark in romcoms.


11 thoughts on “5 Great RomComs to Re-Watch in 2013

  1. I forgot about Something Borrowed. I wanted to see it ages ago, not that I’m a huge fan of the genre but sometimes it’s great for something lighthearted. Going to watch it soon 🙂 I like both the leading actresses in that film.


  2. I’ve Crazy Stupid Love and Bridesmaid. But there are really some more I’d like to add. For eg: Made of Honor, All About Steve, It’s A Boy Girl Thing, 27 Dresses, The Proposal, 10 Things I Hate About You, Two Weeks Notice, The Holiday, Maid in Manhattan, Bridget Jones’ Diary, My Best Friend’s Wedding. I’m sorry the list is so long.. But there are so many awesome rom-coms it’s hard to pick just one or any 5! 😀


  3. Oh, I love Emma Stone and… have NOT watched “Something Borrowed” and “Crazy, Stupid Love.” But I will. This is a great list. “Something Borrowed” is a book? Let the book-hunt begin! I love this post! This is ofmy kind! 🙂


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