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Something to Smile About

February is generally a month of happiness – it is the time when we finally get used to the new year, there is Valentine’s Day to look forward to, exams are just finishing and there is a hint of Spring in the air (just a hint). As I come to complete my first year as a blogger on WordPress, I am happy to report that it has been such an eye opener for me. Not only have I learned a lot, I have met amazing people and gotten insight into subjects ranging from food and home to beauty and books.

One thing that surprised me pleasantly was the support and encouragement that all bloggers provide each other. Given that we live in a ‘dog eat dog world’, since joining the workforce I have always that this rules applies to a lot of situations – people are generally not nice to each other anymore. So when I started my blog last year, I was not expecting to become a member of an enormous support group that encourages, motivates and helps other people.

This is probably the main reason that I continued blogging, and it became my hobby – something I look forward to and enjoy. I genuinely smile when I get comments, likes, retweets, repins and new friends because of Organised Clutter. It’s a wonderful feeling – and I am sure all bloggers are familiar with it!


From the blogging awards to the groups, there are endless opportunities to connect with other bloggers – something that I wasn’t aware of before. One of my favorite communities is the Girls Inspired Group – (founded by Donah at SweetJellyBean) – which is a “friendly Facebook-blogging community with a passion to inspire and involve.” I haven’t really been part of many blogging communities, but this is one that I would definitely recommend to new bloggers (the support is ah-mazing!) and anyone who wants to meet some incredible people online. Not only does the group have featured blogs, but they hold events and have bloggers  from all over the world! Here’s my shoutout to the lovely ladies from GIG and a heartfelt thank you for the warm welcome 🙂

Yes blogging is time consuming and it takes effort, but once you have the support and motivation from such communities – it becomes much easier and fun. So here is to being inspired together and continuing with such good blogs – my reader is absolutely full of amazing contents and I find new blogs everyday.


6 thoughts on “Something to Smile About

  1. Wow! I’m speechless. What a beautiful inspiring post you have here for us! Thank you so much for this biggest GiG shout out! We’re so lucky to have you. I’m so glad hun that we are making a difference to your blogging experience and it’s a good one! Bloggers like you are what motivate us to do even better to bring us all closer together, regardless if we’re from different parts of the world.

    This is my heartfelt thank you.

    Donah xx


    • I’m so happy that you read and liked my post! GIG is probably the best and most engaging community out here for bloggers, and I was trying to do my part to encourage others 🙂 Happy to be part of something so inspiring ❤ xx


  2. Oh wow! I literally had a smile while reading this! Loved it. And I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t following you anywhere. But that’s now rectified. 😀


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