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To Be or Not To Be… Just BE!

leapoffaithThere are many times when we are faced with a choice, regardless of its importance and size. Every decision we make, every step we take and every thing we support slowly forms the person that we become. These are the small bricks that make the house – i.e. the character of a person. Lately I find myself making decisions based on the future – from ‘If I eat this pack of m&m’s I will run for 25 minutes’ to ‘Taking this online course will help me get ahead in my field’

Decisions are difficult, they are hard and they have consequences. Despite all this negative stigma attached to making a decision and sticking to it, I believe that it is all about the timing of the choice and the motivation behind it. My perspective has strangely changed since graduating – before I was all about living in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow…

But now I am in the tomorrow and I think it is time that I started taking the leaps into doing what is best for me. Instead of: ‘Starting Monday, I will make sure that I make the effort to change things that I am unhappy with’, I have changed my philosophy to ‘If not now, then never’.

risksTaking the leap and landing into an abyss is the general emotion that we fear. The feeling of failure, defeat and loss are all too familiar and closely associated with risk but sometimes it is the only way forward!

While the probability of failing epically may be more, even the 0.01% chance to achieve true happiness and achieve your dreams is worth the risk. People who spend their whole life being sad, ambitiously stupid and demotivated to reach for their goals are the one’s who have regrets – make sure YOU aren’t one of them.

You may wonder why I came about this post, and here is the story:

A couple of months ago, I came across this individual – let call him Johnny. Talented, ambitious and driven, Johnny was out to take on the world. When I was first introduced to him, I thought he was one of the most well connected and intelligent people out there. I asked about his career and he told me that he was working at a firm, but temporarily since he had ideas of going solo. As an entrepreneur – you see –  he had to accumulate funds before he gave up and took the risk to start his own business. His ideas were great, unique and he knew what he was doing – his confidence and motivation to achieve his dreams was awe-inspiring. After meeting him, even I wanted to invest in his non-existing project. I told him to contact me when he launches… and that was almost 8 months ago.

I recently met Johnny again – and boy was that a surprise. He is still working at the ‘temporary’ job, has done nothing to achieve his dreams and has become the most depressing person I know. He says that he gave up on his dream – just like that! I was so surprised since he has become a completely different person – uninspired, unambitious and full of regrets. If we all keep going this way – giving up because of road blocks – there will be no progression or self satisfaction.

If you are looking for the perfect timing to start something – even if it is joining the gym – do it now. Delaying and pushing things forward will only leave you feeling guilty and regretful. Take your life by the horns and make the change that you want to see in the world – BE that change!

Instead of ‘To be or not to be’ – just think BE, since there is no time like the present to decide for a better future 🙂



4 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be… Just BE!

  1. I totally swear by the phrase: ‘Now or Never’. If you want to experiment or make changes in certain aspects of your life, then be it so. Risking now is better than regretting later. No wonder you gain experience and get better and bolder! 🙂
    Love, Ashley.


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