After a long week at work, or whenever I have achieved a goal, I treat myself with a small shopping spree. The word ‘spree’ can be misleading since I only indulge myself to buy one thing at a time. This way I only buy what is necessary and end up with some really great pieces.

Here are the 3 things I really want to get my hand on for this season:


Even though it is still winter, I don’t see why we can’t make strong fashion statements with gorgeous blazers like this one from Mango. I absolutely love the cut and color, while the look is professional and chic. Pair this with neutral heels, jeans and some nice accessories and you are good to go!


With bright colors making a comeback this season, having a gorgeous bag such as this one will not only keep you on trend but it will also give your outfit the extra wow factor. This Moschino leather mini bag is bound to give that extra bounce to your step!



What outfit is complete without the perfect pair of heels? These one’s from Lipsy are a good compliment for neutral shades as well as bright clothes. Whether you wear them to work or for a night out, these shoes are going to be one’s that make you feel like you are invincible!


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