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Warren Buffett Quotes to Live By

As one of the wealthiest in the world, Warren Buffett is one who we should all look up to. I first learned about him around 2 years ago when he wrote an opinion article for the New York Times, adequately titled “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” Before I read this piece, Buffett was just another one of the millionaires who had too much money to spend and not enough countries to please his luxuries, however this changed after I read what a great inspiration he is.

While the majority of affluent individuals are bent on trying to find tax loopholes and shelters to safeguard their wealth, Buffett proposed how exactly you can get money out of the rich. Living in an economy where the unemployment rates are at their peak, businesses are declaring bankruptcy as if its the end of the world and taxes are soaring high, Buffett’s proposal of a wealth tax was not a solution to a complicated rocket science equation. It was the fact that it came from one of the richest men in the world that gave it the weight and value.

His eagerness to implement a law that doesn’t allow wealthy Americans to pay a low tax rate is commendable, and it goes to show his best interest in the US economy. Since this article, I have been following Buffett closely as he has humanized his identity by showing his passion for a better America. Here are some of his most quotes that make you think twice about him:

warren3.jpg warren4.jpg

warren 1

warren2.jpg warren5.jpg

I did the images myself, so hope you guys like them 🙂


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