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Dear Facebook, Please Stop.

Despite my efforts to support technology and being pro-innovation, I am finding it particularly difficult to adapt to the continuous changes that Facebook keeps implementing! I first joined Facebook in 2007 – everyone was moving off myspace to jump onto this new bandwagon. Since I hadn’t had an account of any other social network, Facebook was my first – and for a long time – my only.

The improvements in the profile layout have been continuous ever since. At times I think it was for the best. I mean, who wants a Facebook profile that looks like this?

Facebook 2005

That’s the 2005 layout when Facebook had a mere 5.5 million users. Despite looking so banal and basic, this social network was surpassing its predecessors. The success of this platform was immeasurable, and it was yet to reach it’s phenomenal height! At this point, the website was called “The Facebook”, and had pretty much the same functionality. The look of it can easily be described in 2 words: bare bones. This is the skeleton of Facebook – the time when it was just used by a few million college students to communicate and share their university experiences with each other.

…And then in 2007 this happened:

facebook 2007

The profile picture became bigger, all the features became icons, the information was presented in a clean yet scattered design and yes, privacy settings became better. This change was a step in the right direction, and due to this, Facebook reached the milestone of 50 million registered users. Personally, I was really happy with this design since it was the one I used when I joined Facebook. It was clean and easy to navigate, as well as fun. But this did not last very long as Facebook developers were continuously adding new features and functionality to the system.

The news feed was faster to load, however the addition of Facebook Ads was a bit annoying for all users. This is when businesses were realizing the importance of the network, and integrating it into the marketing and advertising strategy. In 2008 and 2009, Facebook underwent a few technical surgeries – a face lift and botox. The addition of Friend’s lists meant that the privacy settings were enhanced, and Facebook chat gave other messaging system a run for it’s money. Yes, now we could chat to friends in a real-time format – making MSN and Yahoo! messengers redundant. The numbers hit yet another milestone, with an estimated 350 million users reported in 2009.

Even with this super success, the mind of the great Zuckerberg was not satisfied. In 2011, the launch of the even new-er and better-er Facebook hit our computer screens:

Facebook 2011.jpg

It kept improving and getting better. The profile picture grew in size, taking up much of the left side of the page. The design was perfected with the integration of all the information at the top of the profile rather than being embedded inside. The wall was given excessive amounts of botox and now it was as clear and easy to use as ever. With the value of the network estimated at $50 billion, Zuckerberg must have been rolling in money – but he still had something up his sleeve, as expected.

…And enter Timeline:


This was Facebook’s umpteenth change and, well at this point, not many people were happy to see it.  The introduction of the Facebook Timeline might have received a negative reception since it was an improvement that not many wanted. Yes, change is good – however it just became annoying! All users have the option to add a cover photo, which is set at default privacy settings of ‘public’, and there isn’t much we can do about it. Personally, I don’t mind the Timeline… I think it is the most efficient and effective look Facebook has ever had, but it is definitely time to stop.

I have to give it up to Facebook, for their efforts and dedication to making the platform easy to use. However, I find the adjustments difficult to to get used to. The privacy settings have changed, yet again, and at this point, I don’t even know how I want them to be. The Friend List was a great concept, it is not accessible easy from your profile anymore, making the whole ‘privacy settings’ thing challenging.

If there was yet another change to the Facebook profile, I don’t know how everyone would feel about it – but I am guessing it would be negative. We like Facebook the way it is now, and the look has been perfected! We need to remember, too much botox and surgery can end up making you look like this:

donatella versace

And well… let’s just say it isn’t the best look.

With over 1 billion users on Facebook in 2012, I think Mark has made history with his invention and surpassed all expectations of the social platforms. There will probably never be network that can beat Facebook since it has reached such an incredible height.

At this point, all I want to say to Mark Zuckerberg is: Dude, you did a great job – but stop it! 


4 thoughts on “Dear Facebook, Please Stop.

  1. Haha this was funny. I like how make the analogy that facebook is going crazy with the botox. You know, the 2007 version was actually my favorite. I don’t like how the profile picture now is so tiny.


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