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‘Tis the Season to Ah-Cho!

Oh joy! The lovely season of contagious germs and beautiful bacteria is upon us. (Yes, I am rapidly waving the flag of sarcasm above my head as I write this post) I simply cannot express the height of my dislike towards flu season enough. When I woke up this morning, I was up for some Monday excitement. For the first time in weeks I had planned my outfit for work in advance, I was determined to reach the office in time (not the usual stumbling in 20 minutes late) and already decided that a healthy breakfast is in order to start this lovely week in 2013.

That is when I opened my eyes to a throbbing headache. Yes, throbbing as in my brain was pulsating, vibrating within my skull in such a manner that I practically couldn’t open my right eye. That’s when I hear the glass-shattering noise that you hear when an illusion is broken – this Monday will not go as I had planned!

still sick

As this realization dawned upon me, I slowly opened my eyes and managed to push my body out of the warm bed. It is cold. Very very cold. Almost freezing. Urgh! As I prepared myself to look acceptable for work, I am mentally bidding my nice outfit and healthy breakfast farewell. All I want to wear to work today is trousers, thick boots and a huge woolly jumper. Not the shift dress, tights and heels I had picked out last night. It is phenomenal how just a cold can make your mood go from enthusiastic and motivated to just plain ‘I will cry if you look at me for too long’.

And indeed, traffic is a complete and utter mess. Manage to get to work, of course it is pouring by now and yes, I forgot my umbrella. The trek from the parking lot to the office is hellish. I walk into the office, 25 minutes late, soaking wet and everyone is as chipper as you can get on a Monday morning. Diving in the kitchen for the coffee machine, I am on a sneezing hype, coughing my lungs and nursing my headache… when it finally dawns upon me – I should have pulled a sickie.

Why I realize this so incredibly late is beyond me – I blame the germs. Those stupid, disgusting germs that infest our bodies to make us feel weak and helpless. I really hate getting sick… I think I have ranted about this as often as I can!

So in an effort to help you combat this horrible weather and the contagious cold, I have some tips (which I am following now!)

  1. Wash your hands as regularly as you can – keeps the germs away
  2. Don’t touch your face or bite your nails – easy access for germs
  3. Hydrate throughout the day – this helps our body retain its immunity
  4. Eat fruits, not junk – build your immune system
  5. Be careful in communal areas – office kitchen, door handles, microwave door, refrigerator at work

Stay away from sick colleagues to avoid catching a cold from them. My bad experience has taught me better, I’m off to buy them surgical masks now!

And this was my beautiful Monday morning. I sincerely hope yours was better!


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